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Adventurous Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you and your partner are big thrill-seekers then incorporating an adventure into your proposal will be the biggest thrill of all! From skydiving to jet-skiing, airplane rides to hot-air balloons, an adventurous proposal will be one to remember.

If you’re a couple of adrenaline junkies, choose an adventurous activity you’ve never done before. If big adventures aren’t on your typical date list, find out something from her bucket list that she’s been wanting to do. She’ll think you’re taking her on a date you’ve already talked about, but really you’re taking her on the biggest adventure of her life. Just make sure she wants to do it, you don’t want her to be screaming so much she can’t get out the word “yes!”

Adventurous Proposals

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tips for planning

  1. Be sure to have a back up date in case of weather. You want the goosebumps she's getting to be from your proposal, not how cold it is outside.
  2. Unable to find a photographer willing to go on an adventure? Attach a GoPro for the next best option. You'll be happy you captured her reaction when you're proposing midair on a skydive.
  3. If there's risk of the ring falling out of your pocket, getting lost, or getting dropped somewhere you'd never find it again, leave it at home (or wherever you're going to land). When you give her the ring it will be like getting a bonus proposal.
  1. Wear a watch the day of your proposal. You may not want to bring your cell phone on your adventure so you don't get it wet or drop it. If you're incorporating family/friends or a photographer, you'll want to be on time.
  2. Do something you feel comfortable with. Nerves will already be high with pre-proposal jitters, so adding a new, adventurous activity to the mix may make the day much more stressful for you.
  3. Have your friends and family meet you at the final destination. Skydiving? Have them watch watch your decent and be there when you land. Wakeboarding? Meet up with your family on a boat nearby. Hiking? Tell your guests to head up before you and they'll be waiting for you when you reach the top.