Marriage Proposal Ideas for Summer 2015

Between beach trips and lazy days in the sun, summer can be the perfect time to pop the question. If you love warm weather and fun under the sun, check out this list of summer proposal ideas to make the most out of your upcoming big day!

Proposing in the Park
This one’s a walk in the park – literally. The weather is ideal to go out for a walk, and if you typically walk together, she’ll be perfectly surprised when you get down on one knee!

Marriage Proposal Ideas for Summer 2015

Real Proposal Idea: Proposal in Their Park

Ask at the Lake
Another summer favorite, lake trips are a great time to pop the question. Whether you rent a cabin at your local lake or venture somewhere even more scenic, she’s sure to love the proposal setting.

Summer Proposal Ideas

Real Proposal Idea: Gorgeous Proposal at Lake Louise // Photo by Ginevre

Feeling Fireworks
Make the sparks fly when you propose! Summer is full of fireworks, especially on the Fourth of July. Propose to her during the day, take lots of pictures, and end your evening watching a fireworks show together.


Real Proposal Idea: Fourth of July Beach Proposal // Photo by Mozi Photography

Road Trip for Two
Road trips are perfect for a lot of alone time together, and in the summer, there are so many places to go! Pack your bags and some snacks, and drive out to a romantic lighthouse to ask for her hand.

Marriage Proposal Ideas for Summer 2015

Real Proposal Idea: Road Trip to Portland Proposal // Photo by Bethany & Dan Photography

Take a Vacay
Use vacation season to have a romantic getaway with your love! Go somewhere sunny for a week or so, propose in the beginning of the trip, and spend the rest of the time celebrating your engagement.

Summer Proposal Ideas

Real Proposal Idea: Vacation Proposal in Santorini, Greece // Photo by Studio Phosart

The Perfect Beach Trip
Days at the beach epitomize summer love, so why not ask the big question there? As a rule, the beach should have clear blue water and gorgeous sand. (No dirty tourist beaches!) This proposal at a Hawaiian beach is perfect.

Hawaii beach proposal

Real Proposal Idea: Hawaiian Beach Proposal // Photo by Michelle Scotti

Happy Campers
Summer camp may be for kids, but it might be a great proposal spot! Whether you met at camp as kids or counselors, summer camp proposals are sentimental and breathtaking in photos.

Summer camp proposal

Real Proposal Idea: Incredible Summer Camp Proposal // Photo by David Guenther Photography

Sentimental Scrapbook Proposal
Summer can also be a time of reminiscing, and the best way to relive memories together is with a relationship scrapbook. Go out on a bench, look through your scrapbook, and add a new page for your engagement.

Scrapbook proposal chicago

Real Proposal Idea: Chicago Scrapbook Proposal // Photo by Sarah Postma Photography

Museum, Maybe?
Looking through a museum is a popular way to spend summer days indoors, but the scenery outside is often just as beautiful. Find a reflecting pool, garden, or beautiful architecture, and make sure there are pictures to remember your gorgeous engagement.

Balboa Park Museum Proposal

Real Proposal Idea: Balboa Park Museum Proposal

“Summer 2015 Proposal Ideas” was written by Madison Bonnette

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