Ginnie and Dave's Marriage Proposal at Yosemite

How we met: Dave and I met while working for the same company. Although we worked in different departments, everyone kept saying I needed to meet this cute guy in the IT department. After many months of hearing about this “cute guy”, we finally met at a Super Bowl party (2009).

Thanks to my hectic travel schedule, it took over 6 months to arrange a first date and 6 months after that to finally realize we liked each other! It’s because of this we will always argue about when our true “anniversary” is.

Proposal at Yosemite

Proposal at Yosemite

how they asked: Every time I think about how Dave ask me to marry him I tear up!

Dave & I love to travel and had planned a trip to California in 2013. Unfortunately 2 days before we were to leave, I fell and broke my ankle and we had to cancel our trip! Finally- after months of postponing- we re-booked
our trip for August 2014 to Yosemite National Park.

Proposal at Yosemite

Every time we visit a national park, I somehow convince him to get up and watch the sunrise from the best spot in the park. So 3:45am August 10th, Dave and I got up and drove the hairy 2 lane 1.5 hour trip up to the highest drive-able point in Yosemite: Glacier Point.

Having just investing in a GoPro 3 days earlier (we got into a fight about this random expensive purchase but I now know why he did it!), we set up the camera to capture the sunrise and hiked up the mountain to a quiet spot with the GoPro recording behind us.

After some breathtaking hints of the sun,  a few odd moments when I wondered what the heck Dave was doing in his jacket (getting the ring!), the sun came up over half dome and he got down on one knee! I barely remember what he said but between tears & kisses, I promised to spend the rest of my sunrises with him by my side!


Proposal at Yosemite

Marriage Proposal at Yosemite

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Photos by Maria Glassford Photography