Terri and Nicholas' Marriage Proposal at The Wave in Arizona

Image 1 of Terri and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas and I met 6 years ago, he was working at a little Irish Pub that I lived next to. We became acquaintances, and found ourselves hanging out with the same group of people. Although I was hopeful, nothing really sparked at that time. We lost touch, but fast forward a few years later…I decided to send him a text to see how he had been doing. His response to my text told me that I made the right move! We met up to watch the sunset at my favorite spot in Tavares and to grab dinner. Although years had passed I still had the same feeling the moment I saw him and finally, he was feeling the same thing back! The rest is history. :)

how they asked

Nicholas and I had planned our big Summer trip. We would be going to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon to hike rim-to-rim, but I was very disappointed we were not able to get a permit for the Wave. I first saw pictures of the Wave from one of National Geographic’s photographers. From the moment I saw the photograph I knew that this would be the most magical place I would ever go. There was only one little problem…after a little research I learned that only 20 people are permitted to hike to the wave each day. They give 10 permits online, and I attempted to obtain a permit 4 months in advance, but our application did not get selected. The 10 other spots could be applied for in person. We had to go to the permit center at a specific time. The room was packed full with everyone trying to get their chance to see this beautiful place. I was feeling discouraged but somehow, our application was the first one called! We were going to the Wave!

The next day we began our trek. Nicholas didn’t seem nervous at all. It seemed like a normal day, a normal hike. As the miles went on and we got closer to the Wave, the surroundings were becoming even more and more beautiful. Nicholas would just look over and smile, and tell me he loves me, and I would smile back. We finally made it to the location of the Wave. There was one person there, who had a tripod set up to capture the perfect lighting and all the colors of the Wave. We thought we would ask him to take a photo of us in the middle of the Wave. As Nicholas went to ask him, I stayed in the middle. I was looking all around and taking it all in. Suddenly, I hear “Hey Terri…” and I looked back. There he was, down on one knee, holding a ring and smiling at me. I was in awe, and couldn’t believe what was happening. When we got the permit to the Wave, I knew the day would be amazing…I just had no idea how special it would be. It was the perfect way to begin the first day of the rest of my life.