Alex and Adam's Marriage Proposal at the Top of Half Dome in Yosemite

Image 1 of Alex and Adam's Marriage Proposal at the Top of Half Dome in YosemiteHow We Met: Well, this is integral to how we met so I’ll just come out with it… Alex dated my best friend of 15 years and that’s how we met. Truth be told, we didn’t like each other and didn’t find each other attractive. There was no sneaking around behind my buddy’s back because there was honestly nothing there. We did have a comfortable, conversational friendship, though. Whenever we sat down, we couldn’t help but talk for hours. While she dated my buddy, I think we just never noticed this specialty and passed it off as merely an amusing detail.

Later when they broke up, we realized this would be the corner stone of a marriage. We officially met in college, working over the summer at an outdoor camp in the north Georgia mountains.

On the last day there, while everyone was busy cleaning camp, we neglected work and sat on the football field in the pouring rain talking for nearly 2 hours. Later, about 2 years later, we’d find out rain had a way of following us to our most significant memories.

how they asked: We’d been talking about marriage for, well, ever since we began dating about 2 years from the time of this photo. Not that either of us are wedding crazy – we just always knew. Call it intuition or luck or God, I don’t know, but we both simply just knew there was no one better for either of us. So this summer, I planned a trip to California and arranged for us to hike Half Dome in Yosemite “for her birthday.” Half Dome is about a 20 mile hike and took us about 15 hours to complete. The forecast had said it would be sunny all weekend, but the morning we woke up there was all the sudden a 60% chance of rain (which is bad because the cables you have to pull yourself up to the summit are situated on extremely steep, slick granite, which, if gets wet, can pose a mortal threat. Not to mention you’re hanging on to a giant metal wire 8000 ft. up and are extremely prone to lightning strikes). We hike anyway, hoping that by the time we reach the summit the rain chance might have cleared. But, of course, as soon as we reach the cables we feel one drop. Literally one rain drop. Half way up the cables, we deliberated about whether we should keep going because people have slipped and died while it’s raining and they’re on the cables. I noticed the rain cloud was pretty far off and decided if we could just hurry: get up, propose, get down – all in 20-30 minutes then we’d be fine. So we continued up and I handed my phone to a dude who just so happened to be a professional photographer. I told him to literally not stop taking photos. We went out to the ledge, I asked her to marry me, and literally the second “marry me” left my lips… it began pouring.

Image 2 of Alex and Adam's Marriage Proposal at the Top of Half Dome in Yosemite

We rushed back to the cables, and well, I won’t lie – barely made it out alive. It was the stupidest, most dangerous thing that’s ever happened to either of us. We had to really encourage each other, take our time, keep composed, pray a lot, and be strong for one another – lest we’d both fall. I suppose you could say it was pretty metaphorical regarding marriage and how supporting each other will keep your love alive.