Taylor and Justin's Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle

How we met: When I walked into my biology lab the first day of my sophomore year of college three years ago, the only seat open was next to Justin. Over the semester we went from complete strangers to lifelong laboratory partners.

Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle

Justin’s 12 Steps of How to Shoot Your Own Proposal

1) Buy a camera and a sturdy tripod

2) Spend a year dabbling in photography to establish legitimacy/understanding (read: tolerance) in step 5

3) Spend six months talking about anniversary plans with feigned casual indifference

4) Suggest a setting/time/reason for a “special outing”

5) Using credibility established in step 2, bring camera, tripod, and shutter remote* for “fun anniversary photoshoot”
   *Learn which way to point shutter remote at camera before using

6) Take enough awkward/casual couple-selfies around Seattle to make step 12 less obvious

7) Go to Cheesecake Factory to kill the hour before you have to be where you want to be to pop the question

8) Contain panic when she still really really wants cheesecake even though the Cheesecake Factory has a 45+ minute wait for to-go orders on New Years Eve

9) Walk hurriedly, but calmly, the ~15 blocks to the location you’ve innocently suggested as a place where neat pictures could be taken as fireworks shoot off of the Space Needle

10) Set up the tripod/camera, frame the shot, make sure picture settings are correct, and the focus is manually locked where it should be

11) Watch in horror as the fog rolls in, blocking your view of the Space Needle ~10 minutes before midnight

12) Propose with ring box in one hand, remote shutter release in the other, frantically taking pictures

Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle

Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle

Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle


Marriage Proposal at the Space Needle