Tony and Courtney's Marriage Proposal at the Renaissance Festival

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How we met, Tony’s Side: I had just moved back to town and had started running into some familiar faces one was Courtneys Co-worker and Lydia (the co-worker) was asking my status and raving about this girl she worked with that I had to meet just getting back to town and barley having my feet planted I half listened to her but blew it off I few months later I went to get my haircut at a corporate place and got a gay male stylist who with his aggressive questioning and a little conceit on my part thought he was hitting on me so when I firmly told him I had a Girlfriend he said aww too bad you would be perfect for a girlfriend of mine that works at a salon downtown and with a little convo figured out i was my friend Lydias salon so i called Lydia to tell her about my horrible haircut and the male stylist telling me about the same girl fast forward a month or so I get a call from Lydia to come meet her and her friend for drinks I agree too meet them after I take a shower and get dressed after the shower I fell asleep 3hrs later I called in a panic thinking i blew this for sure but they were still there so I rushed over and when i walked in she was the first girl I saw I thought i hope she is the one I am too meet and right at that moment I seen Lydia right next to that pretty girl and ever since then all i want is to have her by side for the rest of my life

How we met, Courtney’s side: Prior to meeting Tony, I was a single mom of two and I worked at a salon with Lydia (co-worker). Between working and raising two beautiful girls I really had no free time, but Lydia kept telling me about this guy I had to meet. I also didnt pay any mind, finding somebody was far from my mind. One day Lydia and I were just hanging out in the salon and this Psychic came in and gave me a powerful reading. She told me the man I was supposed to be with would be meeting me very soon, if I hadnt already met him. I was totally didnt believe what I was hearing, and later on that night I met Tony. Crazy! I knew the very first time I saw him that he was the one I’d end up with.

how they asked, Tony’s side: Back in November of last year I asked Courtney’s dad for his blessing on one of his frequent trips to Colorado from N.Dakota as soon as I got it I called Order of Epona and started planning right away as most of there events are out of state they created an event for me but I had a lot too learn I had only been on a trail horse maybe twice before so I worked up a story about a friend of mine getting married asked me to be a groomsman and that there was a bunch of choreographed dance moves which would buy me two days a week to practice from that point on I would show up twice a week to learn how to ride a horse, sword fight and joust as time had passed and we were getting closer to the fake wedding Courtney would continually ask me about my new dance moves to be showin to her after I returned from practice each night I would mostly refuse but there would be times when I feel a little silly and break out a few dance moves I learned in middle school in the weeks nearing the big day I had let her know I found a flyer at work about a mini Renaissance Festival and that we should go to that with some friends that were coming from out of town I couldn’t believe that I and everyone else had kept this a secret this whole time Finally the day comes and when we get there we pull in at the same time as some of Courtney’s family and she starts to notice that she knows a lot of the people there but still has no clue we watch the first two acts just as if we are just patrons of the event as the third acts starts they actors need a neutral party to hold the prize for the winner of the joust and that’s when I volunteered Courtney as they took her to her mark I started to sneak away so that I could dress out in the black knight costume and enter the arena after the joust there was a great battle that the Black Knight won when Courtney came to the platform and unlocked the box I took off my helmet that’s when she realized I was the Black Knight and in the box was a ring and on bended knee in front of friends, Family, foes,and allies asked the woman I love to walk this journey with me the rest of our lives and she said YES.

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how they asked, Courtney’s side: In January Tony informed me that he was asked to be apart of his friends wedding, and that would be having a dance rehearsal twice week to practice. I was fine with it at first, but as months went by I grew a little resentful that we never got to spend time with each other due to the fact that he was always at practice. The week of the proposal he and I had gotten really sick and was trying to work and get ready for all the company that was coming to visit. I was frustrated that all these families and friends decided to visit on the same weekend! Lol Saturday came and tony , some of his friends and I drove up to Fort Collins to the Renaissance festival. When we pull up I notice that my family was there too and I thought it was weird because I didn’t invite them. I figured maybe tony must have invited them and went and sat down with my sister. My sister and I are talking away when all of the sudden Tony grabs me and volunteers me for I didn’t even know what at the time. I was so embarrassed! The people from the renaissance made me sit in a special chair and had me hold a locked box that I was trying to open during the joust. At the end of the joust I had to bring the box up to the black knight. And upon doing so Tony took off his helmet and surprised me with the proposal. I accepted and the crowd cheered. Now we will live happily ever after.

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Photos by Annabelle Denmark Photography