Marriage Proposal at the Missouri Botanical Gardens; John Paul and Gertrude

How We Met: John Paul & I met in high school – Mrs. Garrett’s Geometry, 1st hour, Sophmore year to be exact. But the sparks didn’t fly until about 10 years later after we re-connected at church. John Paul felt it first while catching up one rainy Sunday after church, then 6 months later he finally said enough is enough & asked me out. Slightly hesitant, but with no reason to turn him down, I said okay. After a few chill dates (taking it slow), I was hooked & just kept wanting more. The rest is history!

These have been nearly 3 of the fastest & most fun years of our lives & we can’t wait to spend MANY more together – laughing, loving & living life together!



The Marriage Proposal: I was feeling pretty sick that day & had no clue what John Paul had planned for the evening when we were supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens (we were trying to enjoy as much of the beautiful fall weather as possible). So when John Paul stopped by to check on me earlier in the day, I was in bed. He told me that it might make me feel better & I agreed (since that just so happens to be one of my favorite places in the world). After resting a little longer, I got up & got ready to go (thank God I washed my hair & put on real clothes! haha). Since the gardens wouldn’t be open very long I asked him if there was a specific spot he’d like to go to first & he said the Japanese Gardens – which is great because you still have to pass some of my favorite spots to get there.

We meandered around to the area he mentioned & I felt like he was going to pass the semi-hidden stone steps leading down to the lake, so I asked if he wanted to go down there & he replied with an unknowing, “what’s down there? I’ve never gone down there before…” So, I proceeded to lead him down to the very spot he had picked out on a map to propose! It was perfect!! It’s such a secluded little spot & has a beautiful view of the island, lake, & waterfall (where my friend and photographer Jordan happened to be hunkered down in the bushes up on the hill).

We were standing there hugging & I told him that I was sorry I didn’t feel better & he said, “I think I have something that will make you feel better” & I felt him pull the box out of his pocket (goes to show how out of it I was that I didn’t even notice this big beautiful box in his pocket)…

That’s when I said, “is this happening right now?!”

He got down on one knee & proceeded to tell me the things he loves about me & how he wants me to be his wife. I think I cut him off at some point & yelled “YES!”




Then he told me about the beautiful ring we were both staring at – the center stone was his grandma’s & he had the ring custom made just for me – it is perfect!!! After that I was pretty much on cloud nine & didn’t really care how sick I felt!


Here’s the video that Jordan Brittley put together:




Photos and Video: Jordan Brittley // Proposal Location: Missouri Botanical Garden
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