Cecile and Edwin's Marriage Proposal at the Lincoln Memorial

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends when I was in my senior year of college and he was an alum helping out at our campus fellowship. However, it wasn’t until I graduated that we got very close. More than How We Met, we always share our How We Got Together story as it always invokes many laughs all around. One cold night, I mistakenly drank a full bottle of wine too quickly and my rough night quickly became his as he spent many hours taking care of a girl with huge bump on her head (I tripped and dove headfirst into the elevator wall) that was emptying the contents of her innards all over her room (and unfortunately on him) while doing the ugly cry. I jolted awake the next morning absolutely mortified at the scene around my room and no Edwin. Somberly thinking I had blown any chance of friendship (much less redemption) with him, I was surprised to find a note with several bullet points taped to my bathroom mirror. On it said things like, “Don’t be alarmed, but you have a huge bump on your forehead”, “I made ice in the freezer, use it!”, ” I tried to clean up the carpet, but there may be some “residue”, etc. At the end of a sweet list were the words, “If you get this message, call me.”

When I did, he warmly asked how I was feeling and offered to bring over breakfast. That was the first time we had a meal alone together and started dating not long after. We joke that if we got (and lived) through this, we can power through anything!

how they asked

The Lincoln Memorial holds many memories for us. In January 2015, we saw the first sunrise of the year together at the Lincoln Memorial, looking forward to the day we could spend the rest of our lives together. This January, we saw the sunset at the same place hand-in-hand after an elated “yes”. Edwin had known Year 2 into our relationship, and along with the ring, had patiently waited for the following two years for many things to fall into place. He planned the special day perfectly from start to finish from a private proposal and dinner to an engagement party with the friends and community have loved and supported us all these years. I had no idea and was surprised many times throughout the day. I was impressed by how he pulled it off without giving anything away, and could tell by the grin on his face that he felt the same. I wouldn’t have wanted it any way else!

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Special Thanks

Paul Kim
 | Photography