Joanna and Alex's Marriage Proposal at Forest Park

How We Met: We technically met at the international terminal of the Philadelphia airport, getting ready to depart for our Birthright trip in 2011. Although neither of us remember meeting then. Our first real meeting was the first night in Israel, when I realized my luggage had not arrived with me. Having been only one of two people not to get their luggage, I was a little stressed being in a foreign country, without any clothing and feeling very unprepared. The first night we all went to the local bar and Alex asked if he could buy me a drink since he knew I had a stressful day. We instantly bonded friends but itt wasn’t until the last night of the trip that it became romantic. He found out he had passed the Missouri Bar exam, having just graduated law school a few months before. In his utter excitement, he kissed me while we were overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. What followed was a long distance romance- he was living in St. Louis and I was living in Philadelphia. After two years of plane rides, back and forth, and each time saying good bye getting harder and harder, I decided to move to St. Louis. Alex knew how hard it was for me to leave my friends and my family behind and he made every effort to make St. Louis feel like home. I had been in St. Louis a little over a year when he proposed.

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how they asked: He asked me to go for a picnic lunch in the park by our house to celebrate our anniversary. As he led me to the very same bench where we had had a heart-to-heart about our relationship years before, I had no idea he was about to propose. Instead I found myself preoccupied and laughing about the fact that he forgot to pack all of the picnic essentials: no plates, no forks, nothing to slice the block of cheese. I couldn’t stop laughing at his forgetfulness- seeing as he was the one who planned the picnic. He seemed a little uneasy, and I thought maybe I laughed a little TOO hard- I assured him I loved him even though he wasn’t so great at planning picnics. So, of course, I was shocked when all of a sudden he got down on one knee. The whole world stood still and it was the best moment of my life.

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Photo by Daniel Movitz