Chris and Toey's Marriage Proposal at Disneyland Hong Kong

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How we met

Chris and I both attended the same high school in our final year. We knew about each other in school, but we were not too close. In the beginning, this guy always tried to talk to me and borrowed stuff from me and wanted to start a conversation, but he wasn’t getting much attention. It was not until he came up with a funny idea and I fell for it!

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One day after a mid-term break, he came to me with a piece of paper and asked me to sign it. It was an employment contract with a probation period of 21 days, and the title of his job was “boyfriend”! I couldn’t stop laughing, and there we started our long journey together in 2008.

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how they asked

Chris and I both love to go to Disneyland so much! My favorite show was Chip and Dale, and of course everything else from the Disney world is awesome too. We bought our annual pass every year since Disneyland came to Hong Kong, and we would spend countless weekends there by ourselves or with our families friends.

At the end of July, Chris’s company was doing a Family Day visit at Disneyland, and he asked me if I could go with him. Of course I would love to! One day a friend of ours, Wing, told me she knew about this event somehow and asked if I could get some tickets for her. I said, “Yeah why not!” (Later I found that Wing was asked by Chris to enquire about the tickets.) So on July 30, 2016, Chris said he’s going to Disneyland first to settle some setup things with the company people. Wing and I went on to this event by ourselves, around 5:00pm. When we walked pass the entrance, I noticed there were some people gathering around, and there was a camera man or two. I did not actually go on to see more; I kept calling Chris but his phone was not on.

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Suddenly the music came on, and a bunch of people, all dressed up differently in my favorite Disney characters, slowly formed a line and danced towards me. I was so shocked and did not know what was going on until Chris came out in a prince outfit in the middle of the row, slowly dancing with all the other characters! He was dancing around the friends, and actually now I noticed there were a few people in the crowd who were my friends, yes, three of them were my high school best friends, who I knew even longer than Chris. When the dance was about to end after three tunes were played, those three girls who were my closest friends came out in the middle, two holding the roses, and one with the ring given to Chris. Now I knew that he was going to propose!

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He kneeled, and my tears just kept on rolling down. It was so shocking in the beginning but very cool, and so romantic at the end. I said yes and we kissed. At the end I actually asked if we were going in Disneyland, of course we didn’t.

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Image 11 of Toey and Chris

Chris told me afterwards that they had been practicing this dance for 6 months, and he wanted something to surprise me, and a dance in Disneyland would be the coolest thing. Everyone was in the plan including Wing, and the three best friends of mine! What a wonderful and romantic propose surprise they all pulled together. It was absolutely unforgettable.

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