Daniel and Laura's Marriage Proposal at Coronado Beach

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Daniel and Laura actually met when they were both little children. They  grew up attending the same church, but in different locations in Southern California.  As they got older, The two of them became close friends and were constantly flirting  with one another. However, there was a 4-year age gap between them, so Daniel  always viewed Laura as being too young.

With a large group of friends, the two of them traveled to Mazatlan Mexico  for Laura’s 15th birthday and a mutual friends’ High School graduation celebration.  While on this trip, Daniel jokingly bought a cheap $5.00 ring from a street vendor  and proposed to Laura on the beach in Mazatlan.

Several years went by and Daniel and Laura both went their own ways after  the trip in Mexico. As the years passed Daniel and Laura stayed in sporadic touch,  but this all changed when Laura finally turned 21. After spending the night out with  Laura and a few of his close friends, he realized he was in love with Laura and the  rest became history. The two started dating and became an official couple a few  months later.

After about 4 years of officially dating, Daniel was digging through Laura’s  jewelry box one day and there it was, the cheap $5.00 ring he had bought some 11  years earlier in Mexico. After all this time, Laura still had the ring and kept it close.  Daniel knew he had to take incorporate this ring into his soon to be real proposal, so  he simply removed it from her jewelry box and kept things quiet.

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The beach is something so special to both Daniel and Laura that he knew he  wanted to propose on the beach, this time for real! Daniel told Laura that they would  be going to Coronado beach to meet some friends that would be announcing that  they were pregnant to friends and family. (Meanwhile the day before, Daniel had  met with Kelly Wood Photography the day before to set up plans for the day of,  Daniel and Kelly agreed on a location to stage a “washed up” wine bottle containing  an old love letter that Daniel had prepared for Laura).

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Daniel and Laura arrived just before sunset where Kelly Wood Photography  was waiting in the background like sneaky paparazzi. Daniel and Laura soon made  their way to the location of the bottle.

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Laura started to read the note and really had  no clue that this love letter was actually written for her.

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When Laura finally finished  reading the note, Daniel grabbed her hands and pulled out the old ring that he  bought in Mexico.

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With tears running down both of their faces, Daniel informed  Laura that the old ring had worn out it’s welcome and it was time for a new ring.  Daniel got down on one knee and became the happiest man on earth when Laura  said yes………………………

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Photos by Kelly Wood Photography