Nicole and Nick's Marriage Proposal at Cinderella's Castle

Nick and I met in 2010 at Redland Baptist church. He was dropping off his little sister and I was asked to go to a College youth group with a friend. We hit it off and I started persuing him, only wanting to date but not looking for anything serious. Well, four years later we moved in together and five years later here we are! We were at Disney World for a two week vacation with his family. He was so eager to get his picture taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle becasue we did not do it the first time we went. After the photogrpaher took about 4 pictures I was done. Nick asked her “Can we get one more?”. I sighed with annoyance but stood next to him for the last photo. All of the sudden he took his arm away from my back and got down on one knee. I was totally shocked. He said “Will you marry me?” and I cried. I adjusted my princess crown and said “Yes! Of Course!”.

Marriage Proposal at Cinderella's Castle