Marquia and Joshua's Beach Proposal

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I met Josh in high school we first started off as friends then we slowly, but surely fell in love with each other. While in high school I became pregnant with our beautiful baby girl, Makaylah, who is now five. Well during our relationship we had a few bumps in the road. So we decided to break up. Well during that breakup I went off to college and Josh went to the military. We dated other people, however on christmas day of last year (2015) we realized that we still loved each other and missed each other like crazy. Okay so that was just a little insight of our love history.

Now for the fun part. Josh told me that I needed to take off work the weekend of august 15,2015  he said he wanted us to have a little mini vacation. Well we arrived to the beach that morning we went to go check in our room, however they weren’t ready. The lady said the truck driver that were carrying the sheets and towels got into a wreck. So we decided to go breakfast, from breakfast we went shopping and then from shopping we went to the beach. I love the beach. We stayed on the beach for like 2 hours. I was enjoying myself for about an hour and a half. Then I told Josh I was ready to go. It was getting hot and I was getting angry cause me and heat do not get alone.

So we started walking I started walking really fast though cause I had tunnel vision to get to some air condition. Well Josh caught back up with me and he said wait. So I stopped and I began looking at this photographer taking pictures and this lady and her baby – it was so cute. Well from then Josh wrapped his arms around me and said “bae you know we been off and on for a long time but you know I love you so much.” from then I said “yeah I know that Josh.” then he said “well I brought you to the beach today to ask you to marry me.” I said “shutup” then he got on one knee and I turned around and my entire family and his family were standing behind him.

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From there that is when I busted out in tears and was smiling from ear to ear and of course I told him yes. Oh yeah, the photographer was apart of the whole thing too.

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