Marlye and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The proposal took place at our home
Michael and his dad had been working every weekend to replace our deck on our back porch. The one that came with our home was rotting and falling apart. The final board was replaced and it was starting to come together. One morning, while I was getting ready for work Michael asked me to come out back and take a look at the progress. I was in a hurry, but he seemed really anxious about it so I obliged. Once he opened the door there say a dozen roses… at that point I knew what was about to happen. Michael grabbed my hand and got down on one knee and spoke the most beautiful words asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. He had even had a co-worker take pictures of us without me knowing! It was so personal and private and special! He knew exactly what I wanted, I can’t wait to marry this man!!

Where to Propose in The proposal took place at our home

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