Marly and Britt

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How We Met

My roommates and I went out one night to downtown Atlanta, where we met this crazy, obnoxious guy. We talked all night, but he never asked for my number. A few days later I got a friend request from him and we talked on Facebook for about a week before he worked up the nerve to ask my number. I gave in and gave it to him and we continued talking for awhile. Fast forward three months, we finally went on our first date! He took me out to Japanese and to the movies after (and then got lost on the way home and took an hour to get back!).

how they asked

For Christmas, Britt got us a trip to Punta Cana, staying in an all-inclusive resort. A few weeks before we left, he told me to pack a nice beachy dress because “his grandma wanted us to take cheesy, couple pictures on the beach at sunset”. So I did. The day we got there, he made an appointment at the spa to get my nails done (even though I put up a fight saying I just wanted to enjoy out first day and would rather go do that later in the week). After my nails were done, we changed and walked down to the beach. Britt went and talked to a group of a few ladies sitting in chairs and asked them if they minded taking our picture. Of course they agreed, so we begin to pose for a normal picture, when Britt looks at me and says, “So I lied about why we’re taking these pictures…before we left I got everyone’s blessing.”, pulled a ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

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