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how we met

Marlon and I met towards the end of our sophomore year in high school when some of our friends introduced us to each other. Our friends thought we would make a good couple because we were both tall. We weren’t off to a very good start at first; being that Marlon was very shy he would always try to avoid me when our friends would try to introduce us. To me it came off as rude because I didn’t know he was so shy, so I had told our friends I wasn’t interested in getting to know him. Marlon then found out what I had said and told our friends he felt the same way about me. Needless to say, we both gave our friends a pretty hard time when they were trying to get us together.

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Finally, our friends convinced us to get to know each other. My friend decided to give Marlon my phone number so he could contact me. Marlon texted me that same day and we immediately had a great connection. Things progressed after going out with some friends that summer and talking daily. A couple of months after meeting him, Marlon asked me to be his girlfriend. We finished our last two years of high school together and moved on to college. Who knew their plan was going to work out so perfectly! We knew our college years were going to be a lot different than our high school years and it wasn’t going to be easy. Our first year in college Marlon gave me a promise ring and promised that no matter what obstacles we had ahead of us in the next couple of years, he would stick by my side and we would be together until the end. During those years we talked about our future and about getting married a couple of times but we knew it wouldn’t be any time soon. We then graduated college and I started my career while Marlon continued graduate school. Once I started my career we talked about marriage a little more often but we had always agreed that we would take the next step until Marlon finished graduate school, little did I know what he had planned…

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how they asked

Samuel, one of our best friends asked if we could meet him for dinner one day and had asked me not to let his girlfriend (also my best friend) know that we were meeting up. I immediately told Marlon that our friend was up to something. When we got together he indeed told me that he was planning on proposing to my best friend. I was so happy for them and was basically in tears, being that they had also been together for eight years. He told me he had everything planned and that he needed my help by taking her to pick out a dress and getting her nails done. He also told me and Marlon that he wanted us to be there that night with them to celebrate afterwards so we would have to be dressed up for the occasion as well. From the beginning I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to be there because in my opinion this moment should be intimate and between them, not all of us. For that reason, I definitely gave Marlon a hard time about going and he struggled a lot to convince me to be there.

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Being that they knew the whole situation and what was going on, our friends made sure that I was going to be there. Samuel then asked me if I could be at the venue to take their pictures for them because he wasn’t able to get a photographer. He asked me to be there a bit earlier than them to make sure everything was ready to go by the time they walked in. Marlon and our friends also ended up convincing me to stay for the whole proposal and have dinner with them to celebrate. My best friend and I went shopping; we both ended up getting dresses for that night, and a couple of days before the proposal we went to get our nails done. During this whole process I thought I was helping out our friend for their proposal, little did I know it was all for me!

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The day finally arrived and sure enough I made sure to be there early to set up the camera and take their pictures. Marlon had told me that I would have to go alone and he would meet us there later because he got off late from school that day. When I got to the venue and opened the door I saw Marlon standing there. A song he had dedicated to me for the last several years, “Only you can love me this way”, by Keith Urban was playing in the background and I immediately knew this whole thing was planned for me!

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Marlon proposed with 8 promises, one for each year we have been together with the last one being the best of them all! We then went out to dinner where he had made reservations for us and the following weekend had an engagement party my sister had planned for us to celebrate the news with family and friends. This by far was one of the best moments of my life!

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