Marlenne and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I met in a September fall night of 2014 in a Bloomsburg bar through a mutual friend. We were instantly attracted to each other but decided to ignore it. He transferred to Bloomsburg and wouldn’t graduate for another three years. It was my last semester and I was graduating in 4 months. It wasn’t worth pursuing because it probably would be too hard to maintain a good thing far away. It just couldn’t be, right?

Fast forward two months later to Halloween night where I ended up at Evan’s place where he was having a party. Two hours into the party, we started chatting about our greatest loves: music, films, and great puns. This chat lasted the entire night. To this day nobody else has puns that make me laugh as hard as his.

How They Asked

After seeing each other for two months, I graduated and had to move back home which was an hour and a half from Evan. Evan and I tried dating mid-distance and only saw each other on weekends.

I never had to explain to Evan who I was. He just always knew. Our time together was little but always so precious. Even with the distance we were able to be there for each other through a lot of difficult times. No matter the tribulations, our bond is everlasting.

In June 2018, Evan was done with school and his internship and we decided to buy a home. A week before our closing, Evan planned a romantic night out at my favorite Brazilian restaurant. At the end of night, Evan nervously opened up a ring box to propose a lifetime together. I of course said yes and now we are engaged to be married April 2020. Because after all, it had to be, right?

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