Marlene and David

How We Met

David and I met as camp counselors in Upstate New York in June 2013. It was his first time in the US but it would not be his last. We taught classes together and spent so many hours getting to know each other. We made great friends that summer and when September came we promised to try the long-distance relationship.

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We always planned trips to see the other before we left so that we would have something to hold on to. The best day came when I was able to study for a Masters degree in the UK. We were finally fulfilling those dreams we had that very first summer. Unfortunately, when my student visa expired and we didn’t have a new visa I had to return home.

I think everything happens for a reason. We hope to be together in our home soon.

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How They Asked

David flew in from London and met with my family while I was at work. He had been conspiring with my best friend to get me to Brooklyn Bridge Park – one of our favorite places when we’re both in NY. I had absolutely no idea. We were living apart after I had been denied a partner visa in the UK and had to move back to New York.

I was so surprised to see him in person much less in the same country. That was the best weekend ever! Being able to spend quality time with him and my family celebrating the union of our families. It is a night I will never forget especially because we have the video Penelope was able to capture for us.

Soon we’ll be living together in the same country as husband and wife but for now, we will enjoy the wedding planning journey.

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