Marlene and Brandon

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How We Met

I spent the summer living in Georgia during college. I loved to travel and explore new places so every summer I went anywhere but home. This summer I was spending the summer taking online classes and working at Lucky Brand in Woodstock, GA. I didn’t know anyone in Georgia, so I was excited to meet new people and get to know the area. This was back in the age when everyone was using Tinder, one of my coworkers at work told me it was a great way to meet people and if anything, make a friend. I ended up meeting Brandon on Tinder a couple of weeks into living in Georgia. We met on Tinder and talked for almost a month before we met in person.

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While I liked the idea of meeting someone, I wasn’t sure how I felt about meeting someone online. When we finally did meet in person it was like we had known each other for years. The conversation flowed seamlessly and most importantly he kept me laughing the entire time. We went to a local ice cream shop for our first date and chatted for almost 3 hours. At the end of the date, he immediately asked for a second date. We agreed to go out for dinner that weekend.

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The next couple of weeks were kind of a blur, late-night movie dates, ice cream trips, exploring the city, and getting to know each other. He was my adventure partner and I wanted to do everything with him. As that summer came to an end, I refused to believe that we would go our separate ways. As we sat in my grandmother’s driver on the tailgate of his truck, we talked for hours again about anything and everything. As the moon shined on us, we knew it was time to say goodbye. Neither one of us wanted to say goodbye, we knew it wasn’t goodbye just a see you later. As we both stood there with tears in our eyes, I knew this was something special for us always to hold onto. I had never felt that kind of love and I never wanted to let it go. It was all by chance that I was in Georgia that summer and that local boy from Vermont happened to be working in Georgia that summer, almost like fate.

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How They Asked

4 years into dating, 3 years doing long distance, 2 years living through COVID, and 1 year living together that day finally came. Throughout the last year of Covid, we did not get a chance to go out on too many trips. We started a side hobby creating refinished furniture to save up money to go on a trip to Alaska that we had always been planning. I was originally from Alaska, so we have always wanted to get a chance to travel to Alaska and experience all my favorite places in a new light. We saved up for about 6 months and planned every day down to the hour. Brandon insisted throughout the planning process that he could have 1 Day to plan in its entirety.

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The planner in me cringed as I wanted to oversee all planning endeavors. A couple of weeks prior to the trip, Brandon shared his planned day, and I was extremely excited. We were going on a helicopter ride up to a glacier, where we would land on the glacier and could walk around and explore. I was ecstatic! On the day of the helicopter tour, it started as a day just like any other, we woke up went to breakfast at the resort, went fishing near Girdwood, Alaska, and went back to the resort to head over the helicopter tour. When we pulled up to the landing pad my stomach immediately dropped. I have never really been a nervous flier, but I had never been in a helicopter so was a little nervous but so excited for the opportunity.

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We jumped in the helicopter after the safety introduction and lifted off. It took about 20 minutes to get up to the glacier, but the views were immaculate, stunning. We landed upon the glacier and the temperature immediately dropped by 20 degrees when we got out of the helicopter. I was so excited once we were on the glacier and just wanted to get out and explore. I was in the middle of checking out a few glacier’s waterfalls when I heard my name.

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As I turned around, I had no idea my life would change forever. There he was kneeling on a glacier asking me to spend the rest of our life together. I don’t know if it was the wind, the blissfully blue ice surrounding us, or the man kneeling before that I have always dreamed of, but at that moment nothing else seemed to matter. My dreams had finally come true, and I was the happiest girl on earth. Alaska will always hold a special place in my heart for this exact reason.

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