Marleigh and Chris' Proposal at the Grand Canyon

How We Met

Chris and I met during preseason for soccer at the college. We had roommates who were mutual friends that wanted to meet up. My friends and I headed over to the boys dorm and started to hang out. We, like any college kids would, became bored quickly and started to play Mario Kart. The controversy began when I won the race after never playing the game before. Our sarcasm feud sparked from there and, as our group of friends continued to hang out, we got to know each other better. Chris finally asked me out on an official date which included Olive Garden and putt putt before asking me to be his girlfriend around midnight that night. The rest is history!
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how they asked

Chris recently found out that he would be leaving for the Army in the upcoming months. My parents had already booked flights to come out and visit, so we arranged that Chris would fly back to spend time with us before he left to start his military career. I booked his flight and unknowingly chose the same layover flight as my parents! The day of their flight I jokingly asked him, “Are you going to ask for my hand while you’re hanging out with my parents?”

The next day we had plans of going to the Grand Canyon. My dad had never been and it is obviously a sight to see. As any girl would, I brought my camera and my GoPro to make sure I got lots of photos. I wanted photos of my family as well as Chris and I. Being at the Grand Canyon, there are lots of “Photo Op Moments.” Chris and I walked out onto a ledge and sat down for a photo that my dad was taking behind us. I realized that I wanted the GoPro and left him on the ledge, without even thinking about the fact that his heart was pounding out of his chest with anticipation.

I brought the GoPro back and Chris took a hold of it, putting it into video mode. When I asked him why he wanted to take a video instead of a photo he replied, “Maybe I have something to ask you?” I immediately started stuttering and felt his pocket. Once I realized he was serious I pulled my sunglasses on to tame any waterworks that could be coming. He asked me and showed me the perfect ring! Luckily, he was smart enough to keep the ring in the box since we were on a ledge in the Grand Canyon!

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I was so elated and in shock over what happened, that my parents got to be there for it, and of course that I answered the easiest question to spend my life with my best friend! It was definitely a day to remember.

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