Marlee and Marty

how we met

Marty and I met through mutual friends at a bar. I was starting to see someone else at the time, but it was short lived once Marty popped into my life! Marty and I were soon inseparable. I moved in with Marty, into a bachelor pad, just 2 months into the relationship. He lived just one street up from my parents house at the time, so it was an easy move. We’ve been through all kinds of ups and down you’d expect in a relationship, and some that you wouldn’t! Our 8 year age difference baffles most people, but it really works for us. He has always been so sweet, funny, loving and attentive. Marty is all those things, and then some! He is truly the balance to my crazy, and we figured that out pretty much right at the start!

how they asked

Well do we want the truth or the cover up story? Hahahha. Okay truth. First off, let me start out by saying, if y’all dont fight and yell and throw things, are you even in love? It was just a few days away from Christmas, we were arguing over something so silly I cant even remember what. It was a big ol crying yelling fight lol. He says something like “guess you dont want what’s in that little box under the tree then” and then tossed the little box my way. I instantly became extra weepy and emotional. I opened the box and he asked me to marry him! Full of weepy tears, I said yes! And that was that! But we like to tell people we got engaged at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, which is when he really did officially ask so I’ve got 2 special proposal memories!

Special Thanks

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