Marlee and Mac

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How We Met: Three years ago I was sitting at the bar at Irish Pub with my roommate celebrating my birthday. I noticed a cute guy across the bar that looked awfully familiar, but I could put my finger on why. I figured I had met him through another friend of mine so when he came up to me, I blurted out the wrong name. Thankfully, he was a gentleman and continued to talk to me (I never did get to hear what his pick up line was going to be). After a few minutes of talking, we learned that we were next door neighbors in our apartment complex – like RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Now it all made sense why this cute guy looked so familiar to me.

We didn’t exchange numbers at the bar and went our separate ways that night. However, when I got back home I decided to leave him a post-it note on his door because something about him was special. We spent the next few days exchanging post-it notes on each others’ doors. Finally, after much back and forth note writing, Mac left me his number. Later that week we had wine on our rooftop and the rest is history :)

how they asked: A week before he proposed, Mac told me that he had his work performance review the following Wednesday and wanted us to go out for drinks to either “drink in misery or drink in celebration.” So I obliged, naturally. The day of his “review” – I waited anxiously to hear from him, as he seemed so nervous for this years discussion. After not hearing from him all day long, I finally receive a text that said “I got promoted! Let’s get a bottle of champagne and take Oakley (our dog) for a walk down to the river to celebrate!” I was so over the moon excited for him that I practically sprinted out of work to meet him.

The whole walk down to the river, I am blabbing his ear off about how proud I am and how deserving he was of a promotion. He just nodded and went along with it. Once we got down to one of our favorite spots, we popped open the champagne and toasted to his big promotion. After a couple of glasses, Mac suggested we get up and take a nice picture in front of the water. The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. Turns out there was no review that day and not promotion! He had me completely fooled and totally surprised!

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To top it all off, he enlisted the help of RingShot Photography who captured this very special and unforgettable moment of our lives. They met prior to our engagement to help set up the whole scene, picking the perfect spot and backdrop for a picturesque proposal. I am forever grateful that we have beautiful prints of this truly unforgettable moment.

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Photos by: RingShot Photo