Marlee and Curtis


How We Met

It still blows my mind how quickly I knew that it was going to be Curtis. Growing up, I never understood the “when you know, you know” phrase, nor had I ever spoken about getting married. I was much more inclined to speak about my goals and aspirations in terms of my career, education, and basically anything that related to remaining independent. Now, I can understand and confidently say “when you know, you know”.

I met Curtis, and after one date, I called my mother and my best friend, and told them that I was going to marry him. My mom nearly dropped dead because she had never heard me say this, or even imagined that I would be the first daughter to be married/engaged. We spent our first date talking about goals, aspirations, values, etc…and it was almost uncomfortable with how much of these things we shared (it is very rare for me to connect instantly with someone). I soon learned that we came from identical backgrounds and upbringings, so this had a lot to do with our shared beliefs.

As time passed, I soon learned that I did not need to be the stubborn independent that I spent years trying to be. Curtis motivated me and pep-talked me into my first job position, the one thing I was set on achieving and securing. He opened my mind to new things, and expanded my horizons. We spend weekends going on trips to different places, which I am grateful for because I had never traveled before meeting him. Even more, he holds a close relationship with my mother (&family), and calls her multiple times a day “just to talk”.

The list of reasons as to why I knew that Curtis would be my soon-to-be, is endless, and obviously I could go on and on about how much I love him. But I think the testimony of how they asked speaks volumes :)

how they asked

Best birthday ever! What I thought was going to be a weekend trip to LA, turned out to be a surprise trip to Boulder/Denver/Louisville Colorado.

A couple weeks before my birthday, envelopes had been accumulating across my dresser, each saying “suprise #1,2,3,etc” on them; however, they kept piling and eventually turned into “suprise #0, -1, etc”…Curtis could not wait any longer so he asked me to open my first envelope. This envelop had the weather itinerary for the weekend so that I could pack properly (I still had no idea as to where we were going). I was allowed to open the next envelop a few days later- this one having the destination in it. WE WERE GOING TO LA!!

The night before leaving, I had researched the weather for LA that weekend just to see if it had changed (I am an analyst for a living so, naturally). The weather did not at all match the itinerary that Curtis had given me, so I told him to take everything out of the suitcase because I had to repack. He then had no choice but to tell me that we were not going to LA…and that he spent over an hour photoshopping a fake plane ticket, and the flight number on our ticket was actually going to Russia.


All I knew was that our flight was leaving early in the morning, and it was not until the airport at 4AM that he handed me the REAL boarding pass that said we were going to Denver! While waiting to board, he handed me yet another envelope…this one containing the itinerary for the weekend- this man had really planned our weekend by the HALF HOUR!

When we arrived, we did not have too much time, so we just drove around and toured a bit (he went to college at CU Boulder, so he knew where to go). We returned to the hotel and got ready for dinner, but Curtis insisted that I had to be ready by 4:30pm because we “had to be at the sunset spot by 5” ***this part was stressed the entire day

At 5,  we arrived to the top of Flagstaff mountain and the sun was beginning to set. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever had the privilege of watching, so I just started running around trying to find a place to lay my blanket. Meanwhile, Curtis is just staring at me…watching me frantically run and looking for a place to settle. He asks me to put my blanket down, and begins giving me “the speech”. Next thing I know, he’s down on one knee, and I could have fallen off the mountain in surprise.


Afterwards, a man comes rolling out of the bushes 50yds away, and starts taking pictures of us. I point him out to Curtis, and Curtis says “I know, I hired him.” I FaceTimed my mom on the way to dinner, and she told me she had known, and that he had been planning it all for the last four months.


We spent the rest of the weekend (AS AN ENGAGED COUPLE!!!!) hiking the Royal Arch, Red Rocks, attending the CU Homecoming football game, meeting his friends from college, and exploring Denver.



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