Marlayna and Saul

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney’s Apartment at Disneyland

How We Met

We met in the second year of our undergraduate time at college, we had mutual friends. The first time I remember seeing Saul, I was actually on a date with another guy and was having a horrible time and wanted to leave. The couple we rode with was nowhere to be found so the guy I was with called Saul to come to pick us up. Shortly after that, we started seeing each other at social events and quickly became friends. The rest is history!

How They Asked

I had just graduated with my master’s in school psychology and Saul planned a weekend trip to Disneyland as my graduation gift. The first Christmas gift Saul ever got me was a trip to Disneyland, we even spent our 1st anniversary there, so a trip to Disney was nothing new to us. During our first day there, Saul surprised me with a guided tour which is something I’ve always wanted to do. We spent 3 hours with a tour guide going behind the scenes of the Happiest Place on Earth. Our tour was set to end in Walt Disney’s private apartment above the fire station on Main Street. The cast members were very particular about not taking pictures, bringing in bags or touching anything, so naturally, I was already anxious. At the end of our visit to the apartment the Disney crew revealed they would have their photographs take a picture of us in the room that we would be able to keep as a parting gift.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney’s Apartment at Disneyland

I quickly got myself into a photo-ready position when Saul went to grab his bag. I, already being anxious about the rules of being in the room looked at Saul horrified for holding up the photo and breaking the rules. He first handed me a pin of Mickey and Minnie kissing and said: “I know this is your happy place, but my happy place is wherever I’m with you.”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney’s Apartment at Disneyland


Next thing I know, Saul is down on one knee holding a ring and asking (more than once) “will you marry me?” I was completely shocked and had to ask the Disney cast members if this was real! After saying yes, Disney made sure to capture a ton of pictures. We left the building my family was outside waiting for us and Disney cast members with pins for everyone and bride and groom ears for Saul and I. We spent the rest of the day having a blast at Disneyland and celebrating with people we love!

Special Thanks

Esperanza and Delfino
 | Planning
Christine Galvez
 | Planning
Disney Cast Members
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