Marlaina and Tyler

How We Met

It all started as a middle school crush back in 7th grade that later turned into me wanting Tyler forever. I remember it like it was yesterday when Tyler gave me a little note in the hallway that had his number on it. We later on started dating, but unfortunately went our separate ways after middle school. Tyler and I never stopped talking we always stayed good friends. We both then graduated high school and wanted to be more than friends. It then just set off from there, I was falling in love with him more and more.

how they asked

Two quick years go by and Tyler asks me to marry him on Vero beach during sunset when the sea turtles were hatching. It was the most romantic thing I could have ever dreamed of. Tyler was my very first kiss and now he will be my last forever!

Special Thanks

Alisa Sue Photography
 | Photography
Beer Can Island
 | Engagement session location