Marla and Maverik

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas Arboretum

How We Met

Maverik was drafted to the Toronto Blue Jays in 2017, and his roommate/teammate happened to be my good friend from college. We “met” over FaceTime through that friend, then continued to text for a year before he FINALLY flew out to Dallas to meet me. The second I saw him at the airport it was love at first sight and we haven’t looked back.

Proposal Ideas Dallas Arboretum

How They Asked

I had a girls’ day with my best friend while Maverik “went hunting.” We got our nails done, went to lunch, then wanted to check out the Christmas lights at the Dallas Arboretum. There, I found Maverik surrounded by mini candles and an illuminated “Marry Me” sign! There was Christmas music in the background and my friends hiding out behind a tree. It was the most romantic proposal ever, we are over the moon happy!