Markysha and Wendell

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It was a complete shock! We had talked about it, but I never knew when it was going to happen. He didn’t tell anyone…his friends nor any of mine. I went out of town for a business trip at the end of March.

I was rushing back in town to make sure I made it to my friends wedding that same day. I couldn’t decide on what dress to wear ( I changed three times), and thank goodness I had my friend who is a makeup artist come do my makeup (I slayed!). We finally get ready to leave the house for the wedding. I’m walking behind him to the front door. I threw my sunglasses on ready to go.

As he gets to the front door he stops and turns to me and is acting so figgidgy. Well…he drops to one knee and starts talking. I look at him thinking this is some joke. I still had my sunglasses on…but he starts to get chocked up, and i knew this moment was serious. So I snatched my sunglasses off and looked him eye-to-eye as he talked.

Image 4 of Markysha and Wendell

He says to me “I couldn’t wait any longer, and i couldn’t take you to another wedding without you having a ring on your finger. Will you marry me?” In complete shock, I just stared and he stared and I finally say yes, lol. He stands up. We hug and kissed and walked out the door. Very intimate. The rest is history! 9-9-17 I’ll be rocking his last name!