Marko and Eli's Epic Movie Trailer Proposal

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how we met

I was fourteen. Right when I was about to finish the elementary school, hit by puberty very hard, very much full of myself, one of the most popular guys in school, a successful athlete. I was waiting for a bus. Along came a girl. She was a 6th grader. She asked me what the time was. I told her arrogantly, “Beat it kiddo…” I thought to myself “What is this girl thinking? She thinks she can talk to me just like that? Phew!” Well, I got my fair share of insults. She started yelling and criticizing me saying how big headed and arrogant I was. I had it coming to be completely honest. Ever since that day, whenever I saw that girl it would ruin my day. I couldn’t stand her!

Fast forward a few years later. Me and my friends were having a great time in a night club when I noticed some beautiful girl in a pink dress. She was dancing and enjoying herself and since it was pretty much dark all around I thought to myself “I gotta get a good look of her, I gotta meet her.” She was with a friend that I knew (a girl friend) and I thought how that was a perfect opportunity to approach. The moment I stepped closer I realized I shouldn’t have come at all. It was her! The most annoying girl in the world! There were more friends around her and it was too late for me to back up so I introduced to everybody, almost deliberately skipping her. But then again, I thought that it would be really too rude and when I introduced myself I told her: “I need to tell you something.” And she was all surprised, she didn’t recognize me and she didn’t see that coming. And she said “Oh really? shoot!” And I said (with a smirk on my face), “I find you the most annoying girl in town…” And she was left speechless, confused and after a few seconds she asked me, “Why do you say that?”

And then I told her a story from a couple of years ago and she started laughing because she had completely forgotten that it ever happened. As the conversation started developing I started noticing how my perception of this cute girl was completely wrong. I actually realised how much of an idiot I was in the first place. This was a lovely human being, such an intelligent girl with an incredible sense of humor. I immediately fell for her. The hours passed, the days passed and the rest was history. Our history.

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how they asked

I always knew Eli was a special girl and I wanted to give her a special proposal. I knew it had to be something different. I was thinking and thinking and one day it just came to me. BOOM! We love movies! We are at the cinema at least once-twice a week. Wouldn’t it be great if I was able to pop the question while we were watching the movie? What a surprise that would be! But I did not know how to do it. My greatest worry is to find someone who would be able to make at least a slideshow of our pictures and afterwards to write “Eli, will you marry me?” on the screen. So I did a little research on who would be able to do it and all the paths led to Miso.

I made contact with him, presented him my idea and he was very excited about it and told me he could help me. So, we sat and talked and we were discussing many different scenarios. Then we came to an idea that slideshow would be too simple, that we should actually film some sort of a movie trailer with Miso being a narrator, like in a real movie.

It was when we started making contacts with people who we needed a help from that we realized how big of a job we had in front of us. We found out that there were little chances that CineStar Croatia would allow something like that to happen in one of their cinemas. At first they were reluctant to do it because imagine if everyone would be allowed to do it in their cinemas. They would be having proposals at least once a week. But general manager of CineStar Dubrovnik, Minela, did a tremendeous job of persuading her Board to help us. They finally said we could do it. Both of us were ecstatic! So we got down to business. Miso directed the filming, he recorded the voice and edited it to look like a real movie. All this time I had to communicate with Miso, Minela and Tadija (the ring guy) making sure that Eli suspects nothing. She was always asking me why I was on the phone that much, who I’m texting too. I think she even started to suspect I was having someone on the side, lol. But I thought to myself “better that than to discover my plan.”

So, this was it. I bought a ticket for a movie we wanted to see. It was actually like in some thriller movie; We entered the lobby, I looked to my right, Miso was already there. He was carrying a backpack in which he hid his camera. We pretend we didn’t know eachother. The other videographer (Anamarija, Miso’s wife) was already there, pretending that she’s buying popcorns. Minela, the general manager of CineStar was walking around the lobby with her motorola, making sure that everything was in place. Miso and Anamarija had to enter before us because they needed to prepare the cameras and hide them so that Eli wouldn’t suspect. We walked past them, me and Miso made eye contact and he gave me a little nod that everything was set.

The deal was that when the previews and commercials start playing I had to pretend like I forgot my popcorns and I had to run out from the projection room to the lobby to get them. I had hidden my clothes what I was wearing when we filmed the video in a room near the lobby and I had only a few minutes to go back, put on the clothes and to get back just in time for the part in the video where I’m entering the projection room. My biggest concern was that since she’s often playing with her cellphone when commercials and previews are on, that she would miss my proposal! So I took her phone with me saying that I’m out of battery and I needed to call someone.

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There it is. Everything was set. Miso and Anamarija were in place. The trailer started. The first 20 seconds she didn’t suspect anything. Then she thought to herself “Hmmm, this place looks familiar.” But when our dog Maro popped up on the big screen she knew what was going on and immediately started crying! You could hear whispers all round the cinema “what is this? this is our town? proposal? who? where?” And when it was about time for me to enter the projection room I stepped on the entrance, you could here one guy saying “here he is!”

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People started clapping and cheering, and I kneeled down in front of her. I told her that she was my everything and that I wanted to spend my life with her. She hugged me, kissed me, told she would kille me for this lol….And she said “yes”!

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