Markisha and Jordan

Proposal Ideas The Signature Room-Chicago, IL

How We Met

Jordan and I met at Mariano’s grocery store. Tacos is one of my fave foods, but not without sour cream. So when my bestie told me there was none at the house, I HAD to stop, prior to coming home and getting to settled. He says he saw me when I first came in but I was too busy chatting it up on the phone that I didn’t notice him. When I did finally look up to see him, I noticed he had on a frat sweater. Jordan is in a fraternity (Omega Psi Phi) and I am in a sorority (Delta Sigma Theta), so when you see someone from (DST) or from his Fraternity (Ques), it’s common courtesy to speak. I’d worked two long shifts at work, doing inventory, so I barely had any makeup on and looked kinda tired (in other words..a Hot Mess). I decided that I wasn’t going to speak…unless I saw him again before the end of my trip. Well…it took me a while to find the sour cream so I saw him again in the cheese aisle. I thought to myself, what if I see him on another shopping trip with my Delta sweater on and he says, “hey you didn’t speak the last time I saw you” and he thinks that I’m rude. So as we passed each other, I spoke and introduced myself as a Delta. He introduced himself, asked me if I lived in the area and we exchanged numbers to keep in touch. He looked like an older guy, shopping for his wife and 3 kids, so I figured he would just be someone who could keep me informed about events and such. He texted me about a week later and told me that it was his birthday…I thought to myself, “oh no…he has the same bday as my ex so I shouldn’t even be friends with this guy.” Another week went by and we began to text more often but again didn’t think anything of it. He suggested we meet up to hang out and I agreed. He came and picked me up…we went to dinner and afterward, I told my sis…he’s going to be a cool friend…nothing more because I wasn’t going to date a guy like him. She told me to give him a chance bc you never know. We went to a White Sox game together a few weeks afterward and I remember saying, “uh oh…I really like this guy.” The rest is history…He became my coolest best friend and the man that I get to Love Forever.

how they asked

It was the weekend after Valentines Day and I was an emotional wreck because I had attended a funeral that day. We already had dinner planned at the Signature Room and he’d booked us at the “W” hotel so I was looking forward to having a great time, as usual when we go out. He and my sis had picked out a dress for me to wear and she made sure my hair was on point. She said, “girl you’re going to one of the most amazing restaurants in all of Chicago, so you need to be on point.” *Fast-forward: We’re at dinner and he’s taking forever to order. I remember thinking dude there are only 5 things on the menu, just pick. But he took his time. He was texting away, which was also annoying me because I’m like…” hello, we’re supposed to be enjoying each other!”

Markisha's Proposal in The Signature Room-Chicago, IL

After dinner, he said I wouldn’t need to put my coat on yet because we were going to a lounge downstairs prior to heading to the next spot. We walked off the elevator and I’m looking for this room he’s talking about…he walks me around the beam and begins to talk. My heart starts racing because I figure out what’s happening. I look around and realize my sissy and lots of our close friends are there. It turned out that they had helped him plan the entire proposal and one of my besties flew in from California. JC gets on one knee and of course, I had to say “YES!!!!” It was the perfect, proposal. I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with this guy!!! #mjlovestory

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