Mark and Katie's Lord of the Rings Proposal

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how we met – mark

I had been working as an assistant manager at a very famous home decor store for over six years when I first met Katie. I was at the front of the store one day in March of 2012 when I saw her walk in. A girl approached me with her sister to turn in a job application. To be honest, I think I was more nervous than she was… and I already had a job. She looked so beautiful. I was known as someone who always kept my cool in any situation so I tried to hide what I was really thinking by blurting out, “How old are you”? I was so confused why someone who looked twelve years old would be trying to get a part-time job. But honestly, I just said the first dumb thing that popped into my head. She cheerfully answered “seventeen” and left the store. I thought about her everyday from that moment on.

She was hired as a cashier just a few weeks after our awkward meeting. It was pretty surreal to see her everyday; to see that person who made me so flustered. We quickly became friends. Being myself never felt so easy. I decided to take what I felt to the next level. Being a manager at work, I was not allowed to date an hourly employee. Katie and I discussed the possibility of moving forward as a couple and it became obvious to me what I had to do. I requested a demotion at work in December 2013 which came with a loss of hours a significant pay decrease. Until that day, it was the best decision that I’d ever made in my life.

how they asked – mark

We both love Lord of the Rings. By love, I mean we recite lines from the movies to each other almost every day. So naturally, I wanted to incorporate this into how I would pop the question.

Katie is always wanting me to watch hilarious YouTube videos or just anything funny at all. I wanted to propose in a way that would be ridiculously funny while also showcasing our love for Middle Earth. I decided that I would make a video for her that she could watch whenever she wants. You know, a lasting moment.

She has been lifelong friends with Josh and Jordan Taylor of Blimey Cow on YouTube and since they are pros at what they do, I had to ask for their help. I called Josh and said, “I’m going to propose to Katie and I’ve got an awesome idea about a video to make it happen. Will you shoot it?” Without hesitation, he said yes and I immediately started writing a script. After a few days, I had finished the first draft and sent it to Josh. His response was “Dude, we totally need to do this!”

The idea was to have a few of our closest friends recreate the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, but with a twist at the end.

There was only one problem: How are we all going to get together and go to three locations to shoot a video without Katie knowing about it? We hang out with these people everyday! My solution: I went to my boss and requested for Katie to work on a certain day and everyone else that would be in the video to be off. I know it sounds crazy, but after I explained what I was attempting to do, my boss was all for it and did everything that I had requested. We would be shooting on a Friday and I knew that Katie would be so furious about working that night that she would be blinded to anything else going on. She complained to everyone, but we all knew why she had to work. There were seven people who were directly involved with this that had to constantly give her the same response to her grief, “I’m sorry”. I bought costumes, scouted locations, and revised coworkers schedules. Everything was really hush hush and coming together perfectly.

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I worked out a plan with Josh to have Katie’s closest friends and family to meet at his house to watch Survivor on a projector screen. After the show had ended, we would preview a new video that Josh had made. Can you guess what the video was? It was the video that we had made, and Katie was nearly speechless if not for all of the laughter.

As the video concluded and the lights came up, I pulled her to her feet. I was so nervous. I poured my heart into her before getting down on one knee and asking this beautiful girl to marry me. Her loved ones were all around to witness this milestone in her life and it was perfect. She has watched it over and over. We watch it together. Proposing to her was the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life.

how they asked – katie

It’s kind of a tradition on Wednesday nights for us to get together with friends & family and watch Survivor. Usually we watch it at my house, but one of our dear friends had not been feeling well, so we went over to her and her husband’s house to watch it. They have a huge screen and projector that we watched the show on. Mark was being extremely quiet during the show, and I wasn’t sure why. After it was over, my friend Josh said, “Okay guys! I want to show you this video Jordan and I made!” Josh and Jordan are brothers, and they have a pretty popular YouTube channel. So I was thinking “Oh cool! It’s going to be one of their videos!”

The video started to play and I immediately recognized the music from Lord of the Rings. I gasped a little and then stared at the screen. I thought, “WAIT A SECOND! I know these people!” I saw Mark, my good friends Josh and Matt from work, I saw my sister’s fiancé Eric, and I saw my brother-in-law Shadrick. I was so confused and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Mark knows I love funny videos, so he made the video extra humorous. Plus, I love Lord of the Rings! Towards the end of the video I had noticed they were really focusing on the ring a lot. My heart started racing. “THIS IS IT!”, I thought. As soon as it was over, Mark pulled me up from my seat and got super mushy (which I love). Then, it happened.

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He got down on one knee and my head was spinning. How did he do this without me knowing? How did he put something so elaborate together, and I never found out about it? He opened the ring box with tears in his eyes & asked me the question I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear. “Katie, will you marry me?” I said something like “Yes of course!” but I really meant it more like “WELL DUH!” I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life. Mark knows how important my family and close friends are to me, and I absolutely love that he chose to have them there when he popped the question.

Image 4 of Katie and Mark

This man is my world. I can’t imagine my life without him. The fact that he put all of that together for me still blows my mind. I can’t wait to marry him and I know our marriage will be full of awesome surprises and super creative things he will do for me. I’m a lucky woman.

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