Taylor and Mark

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How We Met

Mark and I met on bumble. We chatted for a week or so constantly on the app. I made the move to ask for his number which then sped up the actual planning of our first date. We planned to meet on a cold Wednesday night the first week of November. We both arrived at the same time and both thought it was smart to park in a dark parking lot across the street. We first met on a dark street corner, which probably goes against all online dating rules.

Our first date never ended. After we parted ways that first night, Mark texted me right when he got to his car and never stopped. We went out several times over the next couple of weeks. It was under 5 dates that I met Marks entire family for a gingerbread competition. I told my mom that night I knew Mark was the one.

how they asked

Sunday afternoon we planned to go apple picking with our friends and their baby. When we got there we decided to have lunch before we hit the orchards. We headed into the orchard and I decided that was the best time to eat an apple. We were walking down a row and I turned around to say something to Mark and he was on one knee.

I had a mouth full of apple when he asked me to marry him. He had hired a photographer that followed us around the entire day and I never noticed. Mark then surprised me by having a private room filled with flowers and candles at our restaurant. The best part was he arranged for my terminally ill mother, along with our families to surprise me when I turned the corner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nashoba valley winery