Mark and Monica

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How We Met

Mark and I met at an event at my church. I was floating around saying hello to my friends when I noticed someone I hadn’t seen in a while. When saying hello, he introduced me to a quiet friend of his named mark. Although he was very shy and didn’t talk much, I remember thinking that he had a very sweet smile and kind hazel eyes. I knew I could befriend him and trust him to stay in my life for a long time. A week later we saw each other at church again and started becoming closer friends via messaging and socials. Two weeks following we spent another day together as he had picked me up for a birthday and then returned to church for an overnight event. From then on we stayed great friends for 3 years before eventually began dating. It is now, those eyes and that smile that make any dull day so much brighter. He has made me fall so deeply in love with him that his proposal question was the easiest yes I had ever said.

How They Asked

Mark had strategically chosen the day to be two days after my birthday so I was not suspicious. Prior to the day, his sister-in-law had told me the restaurant he is planning to take me to is very high-class and I should dress the part. On the day, Mark picked me up at 11:30 am and drove us to the city. We had a very nice lunch where we shared laughs and amazing food. He then told me that our next activity was planned and was time-sensitive. Of course, I didn’t ask questions and was just so excited to be with him on such a beautifully planned day. After lunch, he drove to a spot by the harbor and we walked down to the water. It started becoming real when Mark led me to a beautiful set-up dome, filled with our pictures and memories, lights and roses. He became so nervous as he spoke about his love for me, his vision for us, and our future. As he took me into the center, he knelt down on one knee and asked “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and of course, I had to say “YES!” He then let me know that my family and the people I hold dearest was there and waiting to congratulate us. Which was exactly what I had wanted. He planned everything so incredibly that I am still in awe to this day. I am just so privileged to be loved by a man so incredible and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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