Mark and Matt

how we met

Matt and I met three years ago online, and after chatting for awhile we decided to meet for pizza one day. A month later we started dating, even after I made him watch Silence of the Lambs on our second date.

During our second year of dating, we dealt with a major health crisis that truly tested our relationship. We fell in love well before then, but the trials and tribulations of Matt’s cancer diagnosis brought us closer and gave us a better understanding of each other’s character, passion and love. It was during that time period that I knew I wanted to marry this guy.

how they asked

We initially planned to go to Europe the year prior, but had to put it on hold, so when we rescheduled, I figured there would not be a better place or time to propose. I knew I wanted to capture the memory and started researching photographers. I was immediately attracted to Pierre’s style of photography and contacted him to assist with arranging the proposal at the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. I chose this bridge because of its location near the Eiffel Tower, the scenic opportunities it provides with the Parisian architecture and Seine in the background and the industrial feel of the bridge.

Pierre made the whole process comfortable, by suggesting a time to meet, providing precise directions so that I wouldn’t have to search for him, and even suggested a story I could tell Matt so he wouldn’t be suspicious. The morning of the proposal I told Matt we were going to have breakfast near the Eiffel Tower. He knows I am not a morning person, so I had to convince him the restaurant would be busy so going early is best. Once we arrived on the bridge, I spotted Pierre exactly where he said he would be, and after asking him to take our picture in front of the Eiffel with my phone, he asked if he could take some photos of us because he was a city photographer. Then once he said the key words, I got down on my knee and proposed to Matt. It was the perfect surprise and Matt had no idea what was happening, as evidenced by the shocked look on his face. (The first moments are some of my favorite pictures).

After the proposal, Pierre guided us through an engagement photo session, and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. He took some very stunning pictures. Our friends and family rave over the pictures. The remainder of the day we spent exploring Paris and enjoying the moments together. The proposal was in the middle of our two week vacation in Europe, and we were so excited to return to the States to celebrate with our friends and family. I could not imagine having pulled off this surprise without the help of Pierre, and we have the memories for a lifetime. Now we’re looking forward to our wedding date on October 3, 2020.

Special Thanks