Mark and Mary "MO"

How We Met

We met on the dating app Hinge. Our first date was after I was finished playing “Broomball” at Bryant Park in NYC.

How They Asked

I, the groom, am the one who asked. First some background:

On the way to our first date, my now fiance MO was listening to one of her favorite bands, and an indie band called, “Stolen Jars.” She’s a huge fan of them and loves their music. In addition, MO’s late father used to sing her the song, “Que sera sera” when she was a little girl.

For the proposal, I reached out to Stolen Jars and asked them if they would be willing to perform their own cover of the song, “Que Sera Sera,” a song they’ve never before performed. Fortunately, the band’s lead singer Cody Fitzgerald agreed to learn the song, perform it in his own style, and then send me the video.

Using his video and recording, I created a slideshow and some messages to lead up to the proposal.

My brother and his wife gave birth to their first kid in August 2020. In October 2020, I told MO we were going to my brother’s house to see visit my new nephew.

When we got to my brother’s house, we walked into the living room and I told MO that we were there to do more than just see my nephew Owen. We were also there to celebrate. MO said, “celebrate what?”

And then the video played. As soon as it started, she knew exactly what was about to happen. At the end of the video, I proposed and the rest is history.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Melissa Goldenberg
 | Videographer