Jessica and Mark

how they asked

Jess and I were planning to go to Gulf Shores for spring break from Minnesota and I knew that it would be the perfect time and place to ask her to marry me. Along with getting the perfect ring, I was trying to think what else would make this moment perfect and then I thought of it. I wanted to get the moment captured to remember forever. I had been looking around at tons of photographers until I stumbled upon Justine and Wayne.

When I saw their pictures and talked with them on FaceTime I knew they were the ones. Fast forward to the big day. Jess and I are about to take what she thinks is a normal walk on the beach, but really Justine and Wayne are sitting on the beach ready to capture the special moment. We walk past them and then I turn to Jess and take her hands. This is when she figures out what’s going on. I get down on one knee, tell her how much I love her, pull out the ring, and ask her to marry me. She said yes and then Justine and Wayne come over to say hi and congratulate us. But the fun wasn’t over. They tell her that I had planned an engagement session for after the proposal and then we went and took some amazing pictures. It was truly the best day of my life and I can’t thank Justine and Wayne enough!!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Gulf Shores Beach
 | Venue