Mark & Elizabeth

Image 1 of Mark & Elizabeth

The story begins in Rocklin, California where Mark & Elizabeth both grew up and where their paths first crossed during those awkward middle school years.

And while Mark doesn’t believe it, he first caught Elizabeth’s eye their freshmen year at Rocklin High with his wit, charm, and smarts in geometry class (less impressed with his Spanish though).

She was a dancer on Rocklin High’s Drill Team – of which Mark was a rabid member of the Elizabeth Sheets high kick fan club – until he transferred to Whitney High where he embraced a leadership role and any opportunity to paint himself in maroon and gold. The rivalry between their schools is a touchy subject to this day – not to mention that they were Homecoming King and Queen at their respective schools!

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In the midst of high school, the relationship blossomed through Youth Group events at SS. Peter & Paul Church and attending countless high school dances with one another (it was at a Homecoming dance that they became official and shared their first kiss).

However, their love came of age when they both decided to attend San Francisco State University in 2008. During a time of personal growth, rigorous course loads and more than a few late nights, Mark and Elizabeth remained a constant source of strength, friendship and love for each other.

Between Giants games, ocean hikes, sort of sunny days at Golden Gate Park, Friday margaritas paired with crispy tacos, getting lost on city buses, live music shows, attending dozens of Elizabeth’s dance performances, and political campaigns, they have made San Francisco their home.

All of their shared experiences over the course of their 7 years together led to Elizabeth practically shouting “yes!” on a hill overlooking their very foggy city in November 2014 atop the picturesque park near their house, Grand View. Typically, Grand View has sweeping 360 degree views of the Bay Area – but the night Mark and Elizabeth got engaged, you could barely see a foot in front of your face!

Image 3 of Mark & Elizabeth

This non-view and the cold left Elizabeth pondering why Mark really wanted to continue hiking around the hill – little did she know that he was looking for the perfect spot to get down on one knee and profess that he is more in love with her now than his 17-year old self could have ever imagined possible.

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Photos by CMG Imagery