Marjorie and Todd

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How We Met

Todd and I grew up in the same small town, we had been at a few of the same weddings and events, and somehow we never met. Our parents had even been to each other’s houses, and still, we never met. We were set up for our first date by a mutual friend, unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right.

A few years later, that mutual friend tried to set us up again, she said that she thought we would be really perfect for each other.

This time the timing was right this time, and everything fit together like a perfect missing puzzle piece. We bonded over a love for our fur babies Opie and Hugo, a love for the lake and the outdoors, and we quickly realized we were made for each other.

How They Asked

We are very close to both of our families, and we had decided to spend Christmas in Florida all of us together. On December 27th, Todd suggested that we go to the beach. He just got a new drone for work, and he wanted to test it out and take some shots of us on the beach. He told me that I should do my hair if I wanted because he would be taking pictures with the drone. I did my hair and I was ready early, this shocked Todd because I am never early. However, we got in the car and he started to drive to the beach. He was driving incredibly slow, I kept saying “Why are you driving so slow”, and his response was that he was “taking in the scenery”..(there was nothing to see), and little did I know he had everything timed out without expecting me to be early!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Palm Beach Florida

We got to the beach, he set up his drone and we began walking down the beach in front of the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons was a special place for us, and it was also the first place Todd told me he loved me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Palm Beach Florida

We were standing right in front of it went he turned and looked at me and got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and be his wife.

I was so excited, even jumping for joy!

The sun stayed out just long enough for us to get a few pictures with the photographer Todd had organized before it began to downpour. We were soaking wet and the photographer suggested that we go inside, I quickly responded with ” we can’t just go inside!”, and her response was “Yes you can, you are staying here”, to which I looked at Todd and he said “SURPRISE!”

He planned the most incredible day for us, couples massages, an overnight stay at the beautiful Four Seasons Palm Beach and dinner with our parents to celebrate that night. His mom told me that he had been planning this day for months, full of excitement and nerves. He designed my ring himself with the help of our good friend and jeweler, and it is absolutely beautiful. I asked him after, when he knew he wanted to marry me, his response was “on our first date”. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I can’t wait to marry him this year!

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