Marjorie and Rob

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sunset cliffs San Diego California

How We Met

We met in June 2015. I was out with a girl I worked with and he was out with some friends. His friends knew the girl I was out with so we went over to chat with them. As soon as we made eye contact we started talking. We talked the rest of night! He asked me for my number and the rest is history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sunset cliffs San Diego California

how they asked

So I was surprising Rob for his birthday. He didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport. I actually got him to think we were going to LA. I planned the whole weekend- bought the flights and had a bunch of activities planned. Well, he had the biggest surprise… Saturday morning we went and picked up a Porsche convertible. He was acting very strange but I just assumed it was because he was tired from jet lag.

We went to sunset cliffs first thing after getting the car to take some pictures and walk around. The drive there was absolutely beautiful. We walked out to the perfect place for pictures… and he propped up the camera- hit record- all the while I was thinking he had it on a timer for pictures. Then he proposed! It was the most romantic, beautiful moment in my entire life.