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How We Met

We met at Carlsbad CrossFit in the spring of 2015. We would occasionally workout during the same time but neither one of us made a move to talk to each other. I thought Pedro was the cutest guy I had ever seen.I continued to admire him from afar for months. I was invited to go to the CrossFit California Regionals with a mutual friend from the gym. Little did I know that Pedro was going to be there. We talked the entire time, albeit strictly about CrossFit. However, we made plans the next day to meet at the gym to do the “Murph” WOD together. Once we finished we sat at the gym talking to each other. Other athletes kept asking us to count reps but we could barely focus on anything else but each other. We continued to talk at the gym for a few months when we would workout together (I was still making the crazy decision to work out at 5:30 am while Pedro was working out at the normal time of 5pm).

In July of 2015 I was given free tickets to go to the Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go because Ididn’t know if anyone would be there with whom I could hang out. I reached out to Pedro and asked if he was going to be there and he enthusiastically said I could spend the day with him and his brother in law. Still unsure if I should go, I asked my sister for her advice. Meghan said, “Uh Mariya, you have free tickets AND the cute boy from the gym is going to be there. You’re going!” Pedro and I had a blast that day cheering on some of our favorite athletes and getting to know each other more! A few weeks later Pedro had asked me to be his partner for a Saturday WOD. Not wanting to wake up early on a Saturday I said to Pedro, “I’ll come if you bring me coffee.” Pedro responded, “I don’t like coffee, but how about we go to breakfast after!” I, of course, said yes and the rest is history.

how they asked

The night of the proposal was spectacular. Pedro did everything he could to throw me off the scent (including telling me we would have to wait another year due to personal hard ships that arose). It was the night of my 25th birthday. My family was staying at their timeshare at the Lawrence Welk Resort. My parents made an amazing dinner which we ate with my parents and sister and brother in law. After dinner, Pedro’s family joined us for dessert. Everyone showed up dressed so nicely. However, I thought nothing of it since his family makes a big deal out of birthdays. We were doing a combined party with my sister since her 30th birthday was in August and we weren’t sure if we would be together. Meghan opened her presents first and then it was my turn. I opened everyone else’s presents and noticed I didn’t have anything from Pedro. We had made the agreement to not buy each other presents since we were going on a trip later that month. However, Pedro is a gift giver and never misses an opportunity to give a little something. All I was finishing opening presents, Pedro said, “Your gift from me is outside.” I followed him out to the back porch through the living room, while my mom was leading Murph, our precious golden retriever, out of her bedroom. Murph had a bow tie and a sign on his neck that said “Will You Marry My Dad?” I read the sign and looked over and saw Pedro down on one knee. I could not believe it! It was the absolute perfect moment! It was so special to have both our families surrounding us as we started the steps to the rest of our lives.

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