Maritza and Rodrigo

How We Met: Feb 23rd was the day I met my soon to be husband. Although, that day we didn’t talk but, i can say it was love at first sight because I couldn’t stop thinking about him after that night. After a few days i called my friend to tell her to tell him that i said “Hi.” The crazy part is that when i was talking to my friend he called her boyfriend as we spoke. She gave him my message and my number and the rest is history…

how they asked: September 5th 2014 was one of the best days of my life. The best day off from a work week that i will ever have. My sister invited me to go to a new casino that was about one hour from where we live. Since my boyfriend at that time had to work i didn’t turn that chance to go win some money. As planned I met my sister and brother in law at my moms house & then we all left.

Within a few hours of being at the casino my boyfriend calls and he was just checking to see how we were doing, and had a regular conversation about his work day and what time should he expect me back home. He told me that he had just got off from work and was on his way home to take a shower. Once a few hours passed and loosing money we were heading home.

As we were leaving i texted him to let him know we were on our way back. Then my sister gets a call from one of my brothers and asked her if she can tell my brother in law if he can come over to my mom’s house to help him that he had bought something heavy and he needed help moving it from his truck. My car was at my moms house so I didn’t mind going to my moms since i had to pick up my car.

After a few minutes of being on the freeway I get a call from my “boyfriend” he told me that my brother called him to see if he could go help him move that big thing he had bought. This was nothing unusual coming from this brother. As we talked I told him that I would see him their since I had to pick up my car. When arriving at my mom’s house my oldest brother got their with his wife and kids.

My brother that needed the help was also their with my dad. My “boyfriend” arrived shortly after. As we were standing in my mom’s house I was kind of wondering what was the big thing that my brother needed help with since i didn’t notice anything heavy laying around. All of a sudden, he yells to my brother in law. Will do you know how long i’ve been with Maritza?!

My brother in law clueless yells out how long? He responds 6 1/2 years! Then he says but do you know how much i love her? At that moment i was in a complete shock! I couldn’t believe what was all happening was real. Next thing i know he gets on one knee and asked me “Would you Marry Me”? All of my family was yelling and screaming. I Said “YES”!!!

Image 1 of Maritza and Rodrigo

Little did i know he got out of work early went to buy the ring, went to talk to my two brother and dad and planned the most amazing proposal that same day! Nothing like sharing this special day with the people you love the most, family. Didn’t win money at the casino but, i did win my dream ring and a amazing fiance who i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. And this is just the beginning.

Image 2 of Maritza and Rodrigo