Maritza and Cody

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Yosemite

How We Met

2 years ago Cody and I met on the 4th of July it was chemistry from the start and ever since that day we have been inseparable.

how they asked

Our adventure started at 5am with as we were headed for a spontaneous weekend trip to Yosemite with our best friends and our son Jaxon. After our 6 hour journey to Yosemite we hiked through snow to Taft point with Cody carrying Jaxon on only the baby carrier. We made it just before sunset.

Once we reached the top we were amazed by the incredible view of Yosemite at sunset, my best friend decided it would be a great moment to capture a pictures of Cody and I & Jaxon with the sunset in the background. That’s when Cody whispered and said to me “Wouldn’t it have been amazing if I would of proposed to you right now in”… and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the help of Jaxon on the carrier and I said yes !!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yosemite

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