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How We Met

Will and I met last summer when I was in Las Vegas having a “girls weekend” with some of my closest girlfriends. Who would have thought a girls weekend in Vegas would have led me to meet the one?? We were heading out on a Friday night and one of my good guy friends from high school, Matt, noticed I was in Vegas. He reached out and said he wanted to meet up with my friends and I and he would bring his roommate along. Well, his roommate just happened to be Will. We were all standing outside of the club Hakassaan waiting to get in and up walks Matt and his roommate Will. The moment I saw Will I went from annoyed at the club line to really excited to be in his presence. He had such a fun and happy energy about him and I found myself right by his side the rest of the night.

The next day he sent me a text message and wanted to meet up again. He spent the WHOLE day with my girlfriends and I going to a pool party, taking us all out to dinner and just walking the strip showing us the touristy spots. After the night ended I assumed I’d go back to living in Los Angeles and I’d never really hear from him again since he lived in Las Vegas. But surprisingly Will continued to call and text me every day for the next couple weeks. We talked nonstop and within a month of dating we became official.

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how they asked

Will and I had a fun weekend planned to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of dating. We planned a little stay-cation in downtown Los Angeles and booked a hotel room near the Music Center. Our plans included a nice dinner Friday night downtown and then a weekend brunch Saturday at a restaurant on the beach in Santa Monica. Saturday morning we got ready for brunch and headed to the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica. I walked into the hotel with him and we headed out to the patio area. As we walked out to the patio, to my complete surprise, there were 7 of my closest girlfriends, his parents, brother and his 3 best guy friends standing there to greet us! They shouted “Happy Anniversary!” as we walked out. I was in complete shock! His guy friends drove in from Vegas, I had 3 girlfriends out of the 7 who had traveled in from out of town. It was a complete surprise! One of my girlfriends who I have known since kindergarten grabbed me by the hands and started saying a beautiful little speech to me. She told me how happy she was for me that I had found such a great guy. And that I have always been such a great friend to her and she was so happy to share this special day with me. I immediately started crying tears of happiness. She handed me a flower she was holding- a white lily and gave me a hug. Then my other friend next to her started doing the same thing. I stood in front of each girl and they said something so special and meaningful to me, handed me a lily and then gave me a hug. I made my way down the line and Will’s mom was the last to speak. After she handed me her flower, Will’s brother turned his phone around and there were both my parents on face-time video. They had been there watching the whole thing. It was very special and emotional because just a month before, my mom had suffered from a severe stroke. My parents were supposed to be there that day and knew about it before my mom had a stroke. But because she was still recovering they couldn’t make the trip to LA. My mom told me how happy she was for me. And how much she loved me. I was so happy to have my parents there. After speaking to them via face-time I turned towards Will and he was greeting me with a smile, holding a stargazer lily- my favorite. He got down on one knee and proposed and of course through the tears I said yes! It was such a perfect proposal because I had been single for many years and my girlfriends were the ones that were by my side through the rough times and always gave me hope that one day I’d find a wonderful man. It showed just how well Will knew me that he’d have our closest friends and family all there to celebrate and witness such a special day. The rest of the day we celebrated with mimosas and brunch on the patio overlooking the ocean. It was the happiest day of my life.

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