Marisse and Nick

How We Met: Nick and I met at work in 2012, where he sat in the cubicle directly behind me but we barely spoke a word to each other.  I had a calendar at my desk with photos of a little girl who looked like me and automatically assumed was my daughter, so he thought I was unavailable.  He says that he always admired me, but didn’t want to impose and embarrass himself. For almost 1 year, I had no idea that Nick had a crush on me, until he learned that the photos on my desk were of my niece (not my daughter), and so he finally had the nerve to start a conversation. We had an instant connection, talking about our hobbies, love for dogs, and constantly making each other laugh. We started going out for drinks after work, then dates, and before we knew it – we were inseparable. Neither of us thought we could find our soulmates just one cubicle away!


how they asked: For a while, I asked Nick if we could go on a picnic somewhere outdoors. He didn’t seem like much of a fan (as if it was too mushy or girly for him), and we usually just couldn’t find the time to go. We both love the outdoors but a picnic was just not something meant to be, especially with the unpredictable Florida weather. A year had passed and we got busy with buying a house and the holidays.  Then, on January 4th 2015 (right after the busyness of the New Year), Nick said, “Hey, let’s go on that picnic you’ve been wanting to go on.”  Without hesitation, but a little confused, I agreed.  We drove to the Hillsborough River State Park – a older, large park that is divided by the popular Hillsborough River, with trails, fishing, canoeing, camping, and lots of greenery.  I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere.  Little did I know, Nick had a complete set-up ready in his car.  When we got there, he had a picnic basket ready – filled with lunch, bouquets of flowers (hydrangeas and roses), champagne, and…. a ring.  When we settled on a spot, I reached for the basket, and there it was.  He grabbed my hand, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.  There were onlookers passing by applauding, and we even got whistles from nearby landscapers.  It was unforgettable and perfect.




Photos by lx photography