Marissa and Mike

Marissa and Mike's Engagement in At home

How We Met

September 2016 I was working at my second job – a little restaurant on the river in Connecticut. We were hosting a wedding and Mike was a guest. He was handsome, I was distracted and I wrote my name and number on a business card for him. Four days later we went on our first date and it has been a whirlwind of everything great.

How They Asked

Fast forward to now – although we never had talked details about getting engaged we both knew we would spend our lives together. I’m a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and it had been a long and hard week. I work overnight and was headed home from work that Friday morning. As I walked in the door there were pictures hanging and notes telling me what to do.

I followed a trail of candles to find him in the living room by the fireplace and he just started saying the sweetest things. We hugged for about 10 minutes. And cried. A lot. Of course, I said YES! My life changed the day I flirted with the random guest at the wedding I was working. And I wouldn’t change a thing since.

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