Marissa and Michael

Image 1 of Marissa and MichaelHow we met: “Good things come to those who wait” would probably sum it up best (or at least Mike would agree). Our respective best friends, Tali & Navi, started dating in October 2012 and they decided to have a small get together with a bunch of their friends. While I may have known Mike back from sleep away camp and high school, we never hung around the same group of friends as we were 4 years apart. That night, a bunch of Tali’s friends were invited to Mike’s apartment for some drinks and so I joined. Mike had very recently broken up with an ex-girlfriend, and I was in a long distance relationship, so I was able to console him and provide him with the liquid courage to have a good night out. We had a great night with not a single dull moment between us. The only ‘issue’ is that from that night on, my friends would not give up the fact that Mike & I just ‘clicked’. I continued on in my long distance relationship for another full year, while Mike went on his way to do the same, but we remained distant friends throughout that time. I guess it comes as no shock that we both happened to end our respective relationships within 1 week of each other the following year. Some would call this coincidence, some would call this fate. Naturally, our best friends Tali & Navi were rooting for us to go on a date but I insisted that if it were to happen it would happen organically. In any case, I guess you can say that ‘organic’ nowadays involves some form of social media. Within 1 minute of downloading Tinder I came to Michael Roskies’ profile and ‘swiped right’. It’s A Match! I laughed to myself and thought it was all a funny coincidence, until we went on our first date and I knew it was fate. Sometimes I ask myself how I was able to wait one and a half years until I realized that Mike would be ‘the one’, but then I remind myself that everything in life happens for a reason.

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how they asked: Mike’s parents both celebrated their 60th birthdays this year and insisted on taking the entire family on vacation. After much debate, Hawaii was decided on for one week in February 2015. We split up the week in Honolulu and Maui. Mike insisted that on our last day we would all watch the sunrise at Haleakala Crater before flying home that evening. Under normal circumstances this would be totally fine, but he insisted even more that we would get to the summit an hour and a half before the sunrise (6:42am), and on top of that it takes an hour and a half to reach the summit. With a 2am wakeup call we all packed our bags and head up the hill. We were a group of 10, all splitting up throughout the summit to prepare for the epic sunrise. It was 10 degrees celcius and I couldn’t be more miserable that it was pitch black and I had to wait, shivering, for over an hour! But because Mike does everything for me, I knew this was just 1 small request he had that I couldn’t dare not fulfill. The stars were beaming and just as the sun approached the mountain top, this massive purple and pink ora emanated the entire summit. Again, Mike insisted that we get the best seat in the house and brought me to a random peak where nobody was. He set up his GoPro so that he could timelapse the sunrise, but I thought nothing else of it! We moved up to the peak and just stood there, shivering, as the sun continued to move upwards. He tried his best to warm me up (as shown in the video). Slowly but surely it peaked its way to the top of the mountain and I was amazed! In that moment Mike whispered “It’s crazy to think that this will be the last sunrise we watch together as boyfriend and girlfriend”. Being so enthralled with the warmth and colors of the sun it didn’t hit me what he had actually just said, so after 10 seconds I realized and turned to him. He said “you always tell me that you love me to the moon and back, so I wanted to take you as close to the moon as possible to ask you to be my wife” and then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked “will you marry me?”

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I don’t even think I said yes before I kissed him 100x over. I looked behind me only to find his entire family, 2 photographers, and bystanders all watching us!!!! Not only did Mike propose at the most beautiful place on earth, but made sure that everybody was there to capture that moment.

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People only dream of experiencing a moment as beautiful as that, and I can’t believe that I was lucky enough to experience that with the man of my dreams. My fiancé took me above the clouds to ask me to be his wife, and I promise to keep him on cloud 9 for the rest of his life.

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Photos by Jmc Photography of Maui