Marissa and Marco

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How We Met

Marco & I met about 7 years ago through mutual friends. I had a class at a local college here in Rochester with one of his best friends and I told him “Rob, hook me up with one of your cute friends!”. We added each other on Facebook and a few months later Rob invited me to a cookout that Marco would also be at, so I went!

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Marco didn’t say on word to me ( I think he was being shy) but a few months after he asked me on a date and I backed out a few times because I was so nervous and then I finally went on a date with him to Hibachi! After that we really hit it off and hung out all of the time. We finally started dating on 05/13/2011. Lets just say it was the best choice I could have made :)

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how they asked

I get goose bumps every time I get to tell the story!!!! I was headed to what I thought was just a regular Saturday brunch with Marco’s cousins wife and his other cousins Fiancé (AKA my cousins soon, I CANT WAIT!) and then we were heading to the bridal shop to pick up Nikki’s dress because it arrived for her wedding in MAY! She also had us bring our bridesmaid dresses to try on so she could see them in person (we ordered online) after she tried on her gorgeous gown Jenna and I went in to try on our bridesmaid dresses.

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Little did I know Jenna never went in the other fitting room. When I came out of the fitting room there Marco was down on one knee. TO SAY I WAS SURPRISED IS A COMPLETE UNDERSTATEMENT.

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I couldn’t even believe it… then I look behind him and I see my best friend, my mom, Marco’s cousin taking photos and Nikki and Jenna sitting there with shirts that say #GettinGucciWithIt (This is our hash tag we always joked around about having). All of the workers at the bridal shop were in on it and I have to say it was definitely the best day of my life. After this, he had some more family and friends waiting at a local bar to celebrate and told me he booked us dinner and an amazing suite at a local hotel.

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But that is NOT ALL… After dinner he asked if I wanted to go grab some drinks with some friends in our local downtown area. OF course I said sure! We go downstairs to get in the car and go.. THERE IS A LIMO WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS waiting outside to take us to the CASINO. I could have never imagined this day being as amazing as it was and I want to relive it every single weekend. I’m so lucky!!

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Special Thanks

My Mom
 | Helped with the plans, made me gorgeous personalized items!!
Jenna & Nikki
 | BOTH HELPED PLAN and keep it a secret, nikki even let me use her special day to get engaged!!!
 | Helped marco plan, made sure my nails were done :)