Marissa and Vincent

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How We Met

Vinny and I met at Providence College. We started out as the best of friends, both of us dating other people when we fell for each other. We started dating in college and have been together ever since. Vinny is from New Jersey and I am from Rhode Island. After teaching a few years in RI and doing the long distance thing, I relocated to Hoboken, NJ and I teach in NYC. Vinny works for a small business in NYC doing finance. We moved in together a few years ago. The rest has been history :)

how they asked

My fiancé proposed this past April Fool’s Day. We live in Hoboken and what was to be a normal walk by the water to head to the city, he got down on a knee and asked! Before I could even answer a runner shouted congratulations! Our friend and part time photographer captured the moment perfectly. I had to ask a few times to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool’s prank! We headed back to our apartment after all the excitement so I could FaceTime and call family. Vinny ended up showing me a video he prepared for me in which our family and all our friends sent a short clip wishing us congratulations.

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My 90 year old grandma was on there and even my cousins and friends from Italy. Let’s just say the tears started then! We then went to go to what I thought was dinner with my best friend, but ended up having dinner where I was surprised by both our families, including my brother who flew in from Atlanta. We then headed to a bar to have drinks before the night was over, where all our friends surprised us- even my best gals from Boston & RI. Had to share these photos by photographer Greg Koch. Vinny and I are getting married next May in Providence, the city where we met.

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Special Thanks

Greg Koch
 | Photographer