Marissa and Tyler

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How We Met

Lucky for me, I got to meet the love of my life in kindergarten. He was the boy that chased me around the playground, the boy that made silly faces at me during circle time and the boy that pretended to faint when I told him I had a crush on him. Tyler and I may not have known when we were kids what would come of our relationship, but after all these years the waiting has paid off.

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We never seemed to have our timing right. It was almost like we were playing elementary school tag, changing schools just as one started. Here and there we had years together at the same school but never long enough. He was, however, always known to me as the little monster on that kindergarten playground. We attended the same high school, and although we had different friends, we found each other at a party when we were 16. I remember knowing he was the one only 4 months into dating. I remember the time and place and what he was wearing when it hit me that he was going to be the one I spent the rest of my life with.

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We made it through high school, college, university, and finding ourselves in the real world. It’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been together, and now we’re engaged… And I promise you, there’s not a moment that goes by that I don’t feel like I’m in an epic love story.

how they asked

Tyler and I began a tradition of doing one nice, romantic, or thoughtful thing for each other per week. We’ve always been the sweet, hopeless romantic type, and although we’re always showing each other affection, we know it’s important to make sure we go out of our way to do something, even if it’s very small. We had plans to spend Canada Day weekend away at the cottage along with my sister and her boyfriend, so Tyler had suggested that we do our weekly tradition then. I had written out a list of all my favourites and gave it to him on the Friday night. My favourite laugh of ours, favourite insider, favourite one-liner he says, etc… I thought it was cute, but compared to what he had planned it didn’t stand a chance. The Saturday was Canada Day so we all decided to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things (the cottage was in Quebec, so fortunately everything was still opened). Tyler and I had already decided that we would do steaks and wine that night and make a thing of it, and then Tyler suggested candles. He was adamant about having candles. I’ve never seen him walk around a store so fast in my life. However, I didn’t really think anything of it because Tyler was always a romantic. Tyler made dinner, set up the table and lit the candles. I felt so silly because I was wearing frumpy cottage clothes, and then I remembered I had a black t-shirt dress packed, so I figured the least I could do was look somewhat put together. We started eating, and I could really see him fidgeting. I think he had maybe two bites of his steak when he said “I’m giving you your thing now” and took off downstairs. I stayed at the table picking at my food and talking to my sister and her boyfriend, who were doing their own thing in the room over. After what felt like forever, Tyler showed up at the top of the stairs wearing a full suit. The second he made eye contact with me he started crying, and I think it was at that very second that I knew it was happening. He got down on one knee in front of me at the table and told me through his tears that he had a whole speech planned but he couldn’t get the words out. And then he said it; “will you marry me?” It was probably the most perfect moment I could dream of, and I think we ugly cried for a couple hours. Fortunately, my sister was videotaping the whole thing so now we get to re-watch the moment and the tears as many times as we want.

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