Marissa and Santo

How We Met

My sister who is also my best friend began to date a guy from Brooklyn named Justin. Justin introduced his best friend to me! His name was Santo. Santo and I went to prom together and hit it off ever since. We became not only boyfriend and girlfriend but best friends. We depended on each other we pushed each other. We talked about getting engaged but KNEW we wanted to accomplish our goals in life and then settle down. For myself it was graduating occupational therapy school and for him it was to find a profession he loved going to everyday, which he did when he became a New York City firefighter. 8 years later through good times and bad were engaged! He proposed after I finished my last finals, the Saturday before Christmas in front of 35 family members both mine and his at rockafeller center underneath the tree! All I knew was that my family rented a party bus(aunts uncles cousins grandparents etc) to go into the city and see the tree and then to a restaurant. Before I knew it my entire family made a circle around us underneathe the tree and he pulled me in the middle and got down on one knee! I still don’t know how he pulled that off! But to top it off we were in the Sunday paper the NY POST! Second page!

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how they asked

As anyone who knows me knows I truly love CHRISTMAS. It has just always been an amazing time of the year for myself and family. So, the week of December 13th I finished up my LAST FINALS EVER ! for my graduate degree in occupational therapy. At the end of the weekend December 19th my entire family (all 30 of us- aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents) planned a party bus to the city to see the tree and then rent out a restaurant in the city. We were blasting Christmas music on the way in, had matching hats and red glow up necklaces. We got close to the city, and off of the bus my dad pulls out a portable speaker blasts Christmas music to lead the way and we were off to the tree. Okay THE GOOD PART- We get to THE tree at Rockefeller center, everyone is saying make space make space for a big picture of all 30 of us (because this night- the Saturday before Christmas you couldn’t move it was so PACKED) . Then, they say make a circle, I begin to make a circle not really knowing why but I was just doing what everyone else was doing.. My boyfriend pulled me into the middle of the circle and got down on one knee. I said YES ! (through the tears of course). His family runs out with a banner “She Said Yes”. He hired a photographer that took awesome photos, the photographer came back on the bus with us and to the restaurant. In th e meantime a photographer from the NY POST ! Captured the moment as well ! We were on PAGE 2 in the SUNDAY POST!!!

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